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Wag It Games

Jilly and Sasha are just discovering Wag It Games.  These are a series of classes designed to build a great relationship between you and your dog and to teach some useful skills.  The games cover just about everything from Agility to scentwork, tricks, obedience and loads more with fun courses to work your dog over.  You can take part in video trials or in competition and if you join the Facebook group there are challenges set for you there to complete at home.

Wag It Games are also accessible for people and dogs with disabilities. If you are taking part in a trial (yes, it's come over from America and they call it a trial over there) you can ask for some adjustments to be made to take into account your dog's disability. 

The games are separated into different sections covering shadow skills, obstacles skills, sniff it, quarry quest, agility, dog ball and water skills. 

Agility Bits will be following the course of Jilly and Sasha's training to see what's involved and how they get on.