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Dog Grooming


Dog Baths

Manual and electric for the professional salon.  Some of these may also be suitable for home use. 

Grooming Tables

Don't bend your back!  There are lots of grooming tables to choose from including portable grooming tables, grooming trolleys and professional dog grooming tables. 

Dog Brushes

Superb range for home and professional use.



Dog Combs

All sorts of combs available for a variety of purposes.


Dog Clippers

Choose from a good range of professional and home use dog clippers.  There are some great offers available.


Dog clipper blades

I've given these their own section as there is such a large selection to choose from.  There are blades to suit every type of coat and for every occasion.

Dog Grooming Scissors and Nail Clippers

Scissors and nail clippers to suit every budget and every need. 


Dog Shedding and Stripping Tools

Dog shedding tools make it so much easier to get rid of dead hair.  If you're buying a FURminator or something similar check this list of breeds that should not be stripped with these tools.  

Dog Dematting tools

Does your dog's coat tangle easily?  Sometimes a dog can't be groomed for a little while and the coat matts up.  These de-matting tools will help you deal with the tangly bits quickly and easily.

Grooming DVD's

Christies Direct and Groomers Online have a range of DVDs to suit everyone who is interested in dog grooming, either professionally or for keeping your own dog in tip top condition. Ideal for making your dog looks its best and for helping your dog to feel good.  A well groomed dog is a comfortable dog! 

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