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Andis Flea Comb  

Andis Flea Comb Comb for flea removal and fine grooming Rounded ends for comfort Ergonomic, non-slip handle Stylish black and silver fleck design 21cm long This flea comb is the pe....

Groomers Online

Price £6.95 GBP

Andis Premium Flea Comb 

Andis Premium Flea Comb. Combs. Andis Premium Flea Comb With super fine teeth spacing, this Andis Premium Flea Comb removes fleas, loose hair and dirt from various coat types. The ergonomic handle m....

Christies Direct

Price £9.95

Flea Comb 

Flea Comb Premo Dog Flea CombFor Dogs and Catsnbsp....

Doggie Solutions Ltd

Price £1.10

Groom Professional Double Row Flea Comb 

Groom Professional Double Row Flea Comb. Combs. Groom Professional Double Row Flea Comb This comb from Groom Professional features two rows of tightly spaced teeth to double the effectiveness when c....

Christies Direct

Price £4.95

R2 Flea Comb  

R2 Flea Comb Fine-toothed grooming comb with handle Patented double row of staggered stainless steel teeth 17.5cm (L) 1.3cm pins Please note that the colour of comb may vary be....

Groomers Online

Price £5.95 GBP

Wahl Flea Comb  

Wahl Flea Comb Comb to help eliminate fleas and eggs from coats Tightly positioned, durable stainless steel teeth Comfortable non-slip ergonomic gel handle 3.5 (W) x 21.5cm (L) 1.5cm pi....

Groomers Online

Price £8.95 GBP