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Bunty Small Flea Comb 

Flea Comb for Cats and Dogs This compact flea comb measures 7cm x 6cm and is perfect for ensuring that there are no fleas or eggs hiding in your petÍs fur. Built from a resilient stainless steel with ....

Bunty Pet Products

Price £2.99

Groom Professional Double Row Flea Comb 

Groom Professional Double Row Flea Comb This comb from Groom Professional features two rows of tightly spaced teeth to double the effectiveness when combing for fleas and eggs! Due to the two rows of ....

Christies Direct

Price £4.99

Wahl Flea Comb 

Wahl Flea Comb Comb your pet in comfort with a non-slip ergonomic gel handle that makes handling the brush simple. Close, stainless steel teeth sieve the coat for fleas and eggs. The fine stainless st....

Christies Direct

Price £8.99