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The Trixie see-saw 

While this is quite long it is light and flimsy and couldn't be used safely at speed.  I certainly wouldn't use it for anything but a small dog.  The surface is non slip but it's also very abrasive.  I cut mine up and made it into a mini dog walk for the garden.  I put non slip mats over the surface to protect Jilly's paws. 

Light weave poles such as Jessejump

These were good for Sasha but Jilly broke them straight away.  Some people have found that they're excellent for their dogs but a dog that really attacks the weaves will find these too flimsy. 

Stuff made from pipe

Take a look at some of the designs.  A lot of things are made with plumbing pipe.  It could work out cheaper for you to made the stuff yourself with pipe from B&Q. 

Weave spacers

If you want to space your stick in the ground weave poles do buy some webbing spacer.  It's so worth it.


Be extra careful with flat tunnels.  Some of these are very light and can't be pegged securely enough for safety.  Jamie could just about use one of these but it was downright dangerous for speedy Sasha. 

The best sort of pipe tunnels have loops along the side so that you can peg them down.  There is nothing across the top of the tunnel to distort it or change the height and this is so important for safety.


Make sure these are Kennel Club agility heights or below these heights if you compete at non Kennel Club shows or train for fun.  There are some hurdles up to a metre high being sold on ebay.  These are not suitable for agility.  If you're competing in Kennel Club working trials there is a clear jump that is higher than the maximum allowed in agility but the working trials dog would not be asked to jump 15 hurdles at these heights! 

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