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Collars & Leads


Leather Collars

Beautiful collars in a range of styles and colours.

Synthetic Collars

Dog collars are getting very posh these days.  In this range you can choose from the very plain to lovely flowery designs. 

Magnetic Collars

If you think you dog or your cat or horse might benefit from magnetic therapy have a look at some of these collars.


Personalised Collars

If your dog is in a public place then it must by law wear a collar with the your name and address on it.  Sporting dogs are exempt from this, but for more information see the Kennel Club page on dog identification tags.


Leather Dog Collars from ebay

Super collars here, some are hand made and some are specialist like the lovely padded leather greyhound collar shown on the left.  The MacLeather range is good value as well.  Soft and comfortable leather.

Safety Dog collars

Keep your dog safe and visible with these reflective, illuminated  and flashing collars.

Leather Dog leads

These lovely leads come in different colours and styles.  Illustrated left are the plain leads in quality bridle leather.





Synthetic and Designer Leads

These leads come in a range of styles to suit all pockets.  Choose from different types of lead such as rope, flat synthetic, or soft protection which are padded round the handle. 




Special Leads

My dear soul what have we here?  A grand mixture of leads with everything from the house line to leads for assistance dogs. 

Safety Leads

If you go out in the dark or at dusk with your dog a safety lead will help motorists to see you.  This range of leads also includes the Petloc, a special anti theft lead to keep your dog safe.

Halti Training Leads

Halti training leads at very competitive prices. These multi function leads are excellent for all situations and could be just what you're looking for.

Flexi Leads

These popular leads come in a range of sizes and colours to suit every handler and every dog.  They are so useful for new dogs or dogs that need to kept on the lead all the time.

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