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Dog Coats & Clothing


Dog Coats

Here's a range of coats in varying thicknesses that will keep your dog snug as a bug in a rug.  Many of them are waterproof and will provide a good level of protection for the worst of weather.

Dog Boots and Socks

Does your dog suffer from foot problems?  Do they need to wear boots or socks for a while.  Here's a good selection of dog boots and socks designed especially to help dogs with poorly paws.

Special Dog Clothing

In this category you will find all sorts of special dog clothing such as this K9 Float coat from Muddypaws. These items are all designed with your dog's welfare in mind and include cooling coats, thundershirts, reflective coats and even warning bandanas for dogs that need their space.


Other Dog Clothing

Here's an interesting choice of clothing including the dog overalls on the left.  You can find jumpers, cardis, tracksuits and fleeces and other things you wouldn't believe.   It's great fun looking through all these things.

Dog Clothing from ebay

There is a truly amazing range of dog clothing on ebay, far more than I could possibly display on here.  I've sorted them out as best I can so that you can choose from coats, shirts and specials such as cooling coats and thundershirts etc. There are also loads of boots, bandanas, hats and pyjamas up for sale.  Totes Amazeballs as they say.  I'm not sure who says it but I keep seeing it and it seems to fit this category very well. 


Dog Clothing from Amazon

Select from the dog coats that come up in the default search or use the search box to find exactly what you want from Amazon.  I've always found that Amazon offers excellent value and good service. 

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