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Bowls Feeders & Fountains


MC Hand Decorated

Ceramic Dog Bowls

Some of these lovely bowls are hand decorated and would make ideal gifts. Your dog won't notice but your human will love them.



Some dogs are known as self feeders.  They eat as and when necessary from an open bag or from a feeder.  Be very careful before going down this route.  A gannet like Sasha would go off bang in no time.


Metal Bowls

Everything from plain stainless to posh jobbies with lovely designs.  Non slip are good.




Other Bowls

Here's a great selection of bowls for all occasions including slow feed and anti gulping bowls. There are some super designer bowls which you will love and your dog probably won't notice but go for it anyway.


Travel Bowls

Most of us travel with our dogs and show people do this on a very regular basis.  Why not give your dog his very own travel bowl? The non spill Road refresher and Buddy bowls are available and are great for taking to shows. 


Water bowls and fountains

Just when you thought a drinking bowl was a dish of water on the floor along comes a range of bowls, fountains and dispensers that will satisfy every dog.


Dog Bowls and Feeders
from ebay

So I thought, 'No, I don't need a dog bowl,' and then I saw these....  Click on the image to see some of the live listings and browse the dog bowls category on ebay.





..and finally

          don't forget


Amazon Bowls, Feeders
and Fountains

A complete range of bowls feeders and fountains can be found at Amazon.  There are lots of customer reviews to help you and you can add items to your wish list and come back later.