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People who send in their dogs' names often include a little note to say how the dog got it's name.  Here's a selection of the comments we've been sent on some of the names.


Two Names sent in the survey:
Fergus the Bogeyman ..boy
Dixter (otherwise known as Fatso)...boy
A bit of horticultural knowledge on the names ...Great Dixter is a beautiful garden
in Southern England and Fergus is the Head Gardener there.

Gem (Girl) It took me a few days to find a name for her, but one day I looked and
her and said (because she was so lovely) you really are a little gem aren't you. So
it stuck.

       Spongebob Squarepants - This is a cartoon character on children's TV


Harvey Wallbanger
(Harvey) - Boy and Murphy - Boy (I like my cocktails and my
partner likes his stout)

Dash or Dasher Nasher, nick-named Dasher Nasher for certain reasons!!  (Dash is pictured right)

My dog's name is Kibbee. she is so cute. I got her for my 11th birthday and she is now 3 months old. Fits best with brown and black fur or hair.

Angela Bibb:
This is my dogs name (boy)  Benson -after George Benson the singer. and my friends boys name  Jethro  - After the band Jethro Tull.

Dr Mhairi Coyle:
Chaka - apparently King of the Zulus - kind of suits him, he's a terrier/collie x who thinks he's king of the house!

Daun "The Dogs' Maid":
I have Australian Shepherds and I like to use bible names.  One of the litter themes for a litter of pups was Airline pilots (or a facsimile) I chose Jedidiah for the girl I got and we call her JEDI  to me it is the ultimate pilot from Star Wars I stayed with the theme and still used the bible Jedidiah was the name given to Solomon and it means "Beloved of the Lord".  another I used is Zachariah which is a book of the bible. Another litter was Songs by a chosen artist and so I used Jeramiah. A very long time ago I had a litter of mutt pups and named them all for the constellations of the stars.  This is a fun list and I love naming  recently we had a litter and they used movies as their theme.  "Gone with the Wind"  call name Scarlet and "Take the Lead" call name Disco.
 Daun  "The Dogs Maid"

Carol (on seeing I had a names page on the site):
This is rich for someone who named my gleanies Hinge and Bracket!
Pat explains:  Gleanies are the Cornish way of describing guinea fowl, and yes I am guilty of naming Carol's guinea fowl Hinge and Bracket.  Some of you might even be old enough to remember the double act, aka George Logan and Patrick Fyffe. 

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