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2007 Survey Results
We've had a total of 2297 names submitted for the 2007 Popular Names Survey and by far and away the most popular name for dogs in 2007 is once again Molly. 

The full results are as follows:
1st) Molly
2nd) Sam
3rd) Jack
4th) Max
5th) Meg
6th) Ruby
7th) Jake and Jessie
9th) Charlie and Poppy

Where the names are very similar such as Sky and Skye I've counted them as being the same.  We also have Jess and Jessie and these are essentially the same name, although I could be digging a hole for myself here!  I do know a dog called Jess and she's sometimes called Jessie so I'm assuming that it happens the other way round.

I've also worked out the most popular girls and boys names.

1st)  Molly
2nd) Meg
3rd) Ruby
4th) Jess
5th) Poppy
6th) Holly, Milly and Skye
9th) Daisy
10th) Bella and Rosie

1st)  Sam
2nd) Jack
3rd) Max
4th) Jake
5th) Charlie
6th) Barney and Toby
8th) Alfie, Buddy and Oscar

When I checked the results for the gruesome twosome I found that there were just two Jamies and seven Sashas, however, I keep hearing people calling Sasha when they're out with their dogs so maybe next year she'll go to the top of the table. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted their dogs' names to the survey.  Watch out for the 2008 popular names survey which will be published in January.

Many thanks to Mary R. Vogt for the lovely photograph above of her dog Molly. 

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