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The Final Results for 2008
The results are in for the Agility Bits Popular Dog Names survey for 2008.  This year the names were separated into two groups, one for those living in the UK and one for those living outside the UK.  Once again, Molly turned out to be the most popular girl's name while top of the list for the boys was a tie between Alfie and Max.



Thanks to npclark of Morguefile for this lovely photo,
"Our Dog Molly"

Results for UK Names

1st)  Molly
2nd) Alfie and Max
3rd) Barney and Poppy
4th) Jess and Meg
5th) Millie
6th) Cassie, Charlie, Jake, Jaspar, Lily, Murphy and Sam

Once again, the runaway winner in the popular names stakes is Molly.  Well, why not?  It's a lovely name for a dog.


Top 10 Girls' Names

Top 10 Boys' Names


1st) Molly
2nd) Poppy
3rd) Jess and Meg
4th) Millie
5th) Cassie and Lily
6th) Bonnie and Holly
7th) Rosie

Daisy was just out of the running.

1st) Alfie and Max
2nd) Barney
3rd) Charlie, Jake, Jaspar, Murphy   and Sam
4th) Ben and Buster

Bailey, Buddy and Harvey were next most popular.

Results for Names Outside the UK

1st) Teddy
2nd) Belle, Daisy and Maggie

These were the runaway winners outside the UK, but other popular names from around the world included,   Bella, Ben, Buddy, Diesel, Freddie, Joey, Max, Milly, Scooter, Shadow and Zoe.

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