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Battersea Dogs Home
Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has three centres, all dedicated to caring for lost and abandoned dogs and cats.
Blue Cross
Is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of sick and unwanted pets. The Blue Cross takes in animals of all shapes and sizes, from hamsters to horses, and finds them loving new homes. They make sure thousands more get the veterinary treatment they need when their owners cannot afford to pay.  They have centres all over the UK.
Border Collie Rescue
This website is provided as part of the service this charity offers to the public and its growing content includes advice on the breed and its problems from many accredited Experts and Members of the Society plus news, views and more.
Border Collies needing homes
This website is for Border Collie lovers who wish to adopt a dog. You will find photographs and details of each dog and where they are located. The dogs are often fostered all over the UK, so always phone the rescue centre to enquire if the dog you like is in foster somewhere near you.
All these dogs are in rescue through no fault of there own, and are waiting desperately for their forever homes where they can share the lives of people who can love them.

This site is also for collie owners who need to rehome their dog(s). Just send some good clear photographs of your dog with the following details and they will be published immediately:
The Dog Rescue Pages
This is the place to go if you have a dog you want to rehome or if you are looking for a rescue dog.   The forum is very comprehensive. It covers the whole of the UK and the dogs being offered are either in kennels or pounds or they are private rehomings.  There is plenty of information available about rescuing a dog or what to do if you have a dog that needs a new home.
Dogpages remains a non-commercial site run solely by volunteers. You won't find any profit-making adverts here and users of the forums won't have their details collected and sold on for marketing purposes.

Dogs Trust
We are the largest dog welfare charity in the UK. Help us give a happy home to 1,000s of stray and abandoned dogs

Guide Dogs
Guide Dogs wants a world in which blind and partially-sighted people have the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities as everyone else. Guide Dogs provides mobility and freedom to blind and partially-sighted people. We also campaign for the rights of those with visual impairments, educate the public about eye care and invest millions of pounds in eye disease research.

National Animal Welfare Trust
The Trust, founded in 1971, operates rescue centres for unwanted, ill-treated and abandoned animals and birds. Its Headquarters and London and Home Counties Rescue Centre is just outside Watford in Hertfordshire. We have centres in Berkshire, Somerset and Cornwall as well as a branch in South West Essex.

Karen has asked me to put a link to her new animal rescue website.  It cover the whole of the UK and you can search for dogs in your county. It would be wonderful if you could give a loving home to one of the animals on this site. 

Since its humble beginning in 1824 - as the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - the RSPCA has worked tirelessly to promote kindness and prevent cruelty to animals.

Scottish SPCA
Established in 1839 to prevent cruelty to animals and promote kindness and humanity in their treatment, the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is Scotland's leading animal welfare charity.

Wood Green Animal Shelters
Wood Green Animal Shelters is a registered charity that has been rescuing and re-homing animals since 1924. The charity takes in over 6,000 animals a year and has set national standards in animal care.



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