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Rabbit Agility

You've seen dog agility and you may have seen cat agility too.  Now try this one.  Agility for rabbits. This site has all sorts of information on training, equipment and rabbit breeds and there is some very useful information on how to get started in this unusual sport.

Update: I have to admit I was sceptical about rabbits and show jumping and then I found
this on You Tube.  Agility dogs eat your hearts out.

I don't believe it!  Is everyone getting in on agility with their pets?  This site has loads of interesting photos of rats taking part in agility.  They have jumps, tunnels, weave and see-saw etc. just like the dogs.

Update: Just as I thought.  Rats are intelligent creatures and they are pretty good at agility.  Have a look at this on You Tube

Cat Agility
Do have a look at this site.  Over the pond they're training cats to do agility and they're even holding tournaments.  This site has a photo gallery of cats on the agility course and a video clip of a very small kitten just starting on the road to stardom.

Update: The video clips on You Tube confirm what I secretly suspected all along.  Cats are not really competitive when it comes to agility but they will follow a target stick and they will negotiate the obstacles.

Agility for Goldfish (yes, it does say goldfish)


It seems that if you don't have room for anything except a goldfish you can still take part in agility. This one does better weaves than a lot of dogs!

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