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If you would like to exchange links with Agility Bits we'd be delighted to hear from you.  Please would you read the following information first.

* We are looking for sites with content that is relevant to dog agility or dogs in general, or any of the content in Agility Bits.  Please do not ask for link exchanges with sites that are unrelated.

* We don't usually exchange links with online pet shops as we have our own online shop for our customers, however, if you belong to an affiliate scheme such as Webgains we'd be delighted to advertise your products.

* Agility Bits is a UK based site and we would be delighted to exchange links with sites with information that will be useful to UK visitors.  Sites that list things like American breeders would not be appropriate for example, but a site that lists UK breeders would definitely be considered. 

The text code for a link to Agility Bits is given below.  If you would like a reciprocal link to your site please email Pat with your site details.

Link Building Services
Sorry but Agility Bits doesn't ever use link building services.  The links are personally selected so that they are useful to visitors who want UK based information on dog agility and dogs in general.  The job was once entrusted to someone else and it was a complete disaster.  Never again!

I receive a lot of emails offering a search engine optimisation service for Agility Bits.  SEO is actually something that I enjoy doing myself and it's interesting to see the work paying dividends in such a short time.  Sorry, but I will turn down all offers of an SEO service.

I also receive a lot of emails telling me that link building is a good way to promote a site and of course link building is a part of SEO.  Some links can also have an adverse effect on your site.  If you have an online shop for instance, you would not want to exchange links with another shop selling the same goods otherwise you're encouraging your visitors to go elsewhere to make their purchases.  If a lot of your links point to irrelevant sites no-one will bother to look through them.  If you exchange links with Agility Bits you can be sure that your link will be placed on an appropriate page along with other links that my visitors are likely to check out.   Remember also that exchanging links doesn't mean you will increase your Google ranking.

Home > Links > Link Exchange Information