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Anything and everything is discussed on these forums.  If you're new to agility contributors will be only too willing to help.  All you need to do is click on the links below and read the instructions on how to register.


Agility Bits Forum
Do have a look at the Agility Bits forum.  It's been set with with a category especially for beginners in agility as well as general dog chat, obedience and just chat.  Registration is simple and if you would like to suggest any other categories please put your suggestions on the forum. 
Agility Addicts Forum
This is the Agility Addicts forum where subjects are wide ranging and cover all aspects of agility.  Contributors are friendly and helpful with varying degrees of experience and knowledge.  A number of judges subscribe to this forum so if you have a question you want to ask you can be sure of good advice.  The forum now has a lot of other categories including a Canine Forum for all matters relating to dogs, and a photo and video gallery.
Dog Pages Forums
This is the place to go if you have a dog you want to rehome or if you are looking for a rescue dog.   The forum is very comprehensive. It covers the whole of the UK and the dogs being offered are either in kennels or pounds or they are private rehomings.  There is plenty of information available about rescuing a dog or what to do if you have a dog that needs a new home.
Loving  GSD Forum
If you have a GSD or you have a love for the breed then do join this forum.  you will be able to chat and post pictures and exchange useful information with other GSD folk.  This is a great site.
Mighty Mite
Here's a new forum based in the US but of interest to anyone who takes part in dog sports including agility and flyball.  It will be great to see how this forum develops and I'll be keeping an eye on it. 


Ruffdogs Forum
A UK forum for all things canine.  There is a sporting section which has a lot of postings on agility, and there's loads of other sections on just about everything to do with dogs. 
Putting photos on forums
If you've ever wondered how to put a photo on a forum do it like this.  Sign up to the free online photo hosting site called Photobucket.    Once you have your password transfer the photos to your online album.  Under each photo you will be given it's URL.  Copy this and paste it into the URL box under the message you have written for the forum.  Preview your message to make sure it's worked.  I've suggested Photobucket as other the other online albums I've tried make a charge for this service.  
Some of the threads on the forums are so hilarious that they deserve illustrations This is one of them.   The question was simple enough.  Are you allowed to wear gloves in the ring?  The person who asked it was obviously thinking about titbits being concealed,  but soon the answers came flooding in.  I'll leave you to guess where it led. 

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Home > Links > Agility Bits Guide to Forums