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Calming Signals Community
This is the official site of Turid Rugaas the well known Norwegian trainer who has revolutionised the way people think about their dogs.  On this site you will find excellent articles on calming signals and on puppies and young dogs. You can learn a huge amount from reading these articles and they will give you a lot to think about.

Dog Aggression - Dog Biting - Dog Obedience Advice
Professional dog training tips and articles to help train your dogs.
We provide free dog training articles and dog training advice on solving your dogs
annoying behaviours like dog aggression, dog barking and dog biting.

Dog Problem Solutions
Getting a good grasp of the underlying reasons for this aggressive
behaviour & dog behaviour will help develop your dog's full potential, Information
articles, dog obedience training books, dog directory & video.

Frome Dog Training Club
This club has a lovely website with loads of photos.  They do all sorts of dog training and they have eleven trainers.  If you are interested in the club you can give them a ring or send an email.  Contact details are given on the website.

Sit Dog Training
Sue is a Professional Pet Dog ObedienceTrainer and Behavioural consultant based in the Doncaster area, North Lincolnshire.  She specialises in training owners and their pet dogs and work on a One to One basis.  Sue also does fun agility classes.

Home > Links > Dog Training Links