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Dog's Own
This is our other site and it's for people who want to have fun and/or competition with their dogs in various activities.  You can find basic information on things like Flyball and Canicross or Dog Games and Good Citizen.  There's also a dog shop with all sorts of goodies.

Border Collie World
This site has breed information and a very comprehensive forum covering everything to do with border collies.  If you take part in any activity with your border collie this is the place to be.  There are also categories for useful information on aspects such as health and nutrition.

Canicross UK
This sport looks great fun.  Running with your dog.  The site has photos and movie clips so that you can get a good idea of what it's all about.   There's also plenty of information and up to date news plus an events calendar.

Chazhound Dog Directory
This American site is much more than a dog directory.  There's a forum, a photo gallery and all sorts of links to things like screen savers and free games.

Chinaroad Lowchens of Australia
This is a really good site that's absolutely packed full of useful content for all dog lovers.  In fact there's so much it's impossible to describe it all.  You just have to have a look for yourself.

Dog House4 Less provides unique, custom and insulated Dog Houses from small dogs to large sized dogs. I was fascinated by all the different designs on this American site.  You'll love it.

Driving with dogs
This is a new site which gives people travelling with their dogs a proper, safe walk, and a dog friendly place for refreshments within 4 miles of UK motorway junctions.

Flat-Coats brings you information about the Flat Coated Retriever dog and general dog care, training and health information.

I love dogs
Comprehensive dog site with free stuff, dog directory, services graphics and loads more.

Fur-Ever Creations
Custom yarn from your pet's hair.  You'll love this site.  Gayle assures me that if the offerings from your dog smell faintly of cow dung it will smell lovely when you get the yarn back.  Although this is an American based website orders can be taken from the UK.  The prices look pretty good too.

Jack Russell Terrier - Jack Russell Terrier information and pictures of JRT'sYou will find loads of other breed pictures on this site and it's packed full of articles on dogs.

The Harmony Program
A new way to treat behaviour problems and attention seeking behaviour disorders in pet dogs and other animals. Free online at Your Online Guide to Small Dogs is your online guide to small dogs, and is a complete information source for all small dog breeds. is a must-visit web site for any new dog owner and small dog breed enthusiast.

A new Zealand website with loads of links to articles on training, dog problems, health and care, dogs in the news and lots more of interest. Look under the training tab for agility.

Pet store
Dog toy store in the UK, We stock all types of dog toys and training aids we ship to the UK.  This is a lovely site and worth a visit.  It's clearly laid out and easy to navigate and it has a good range of all sorts of toys and training aids.

Help search for or advertise a lost dog

If your dog is lost this site can put details and photograph online within minutes free of charge, helping re-unite dogs with owners.

Dog Club Directory
I love the breeds directory on this site.  Most of the breeds listed have good photos and loads of information.  There's also plenty of info on where to get training etc.  It's worth a look.

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