Kennel Club Risk Assessment for Agility Shows

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As one who helps set up our club's shows I know how important it is to get things right and to minimise the risks when it comes to setting up the rings.

In the Kennel Club guidelines for agility shows they say that clubs should prepare a risk assessment and develop a safety plan to minimise risks.  The Kennel Club has a sample risk assessment form for people who organise agility shows.  

At our next show we'll be carrying out the suggestions in the risk assessment and I'm wondering how we'll get on. 

In particular we'll be looking at the entrances and exits to the rings and the queues. 

Here are the recommendations for these two items from the sample form.Our show is to be held on Sunday 15th July and it will be interesting to see how effective these simple controls will be. 

Activity Hazards Who might be harmed Risk level before controls
Controls Risk Level with Controls in place Comments
Ring Entrance / Exit Excited dogs People or dogs High Collecting area at start.
Different start and finish lines
Separate entrance and exit to the ring
Medium Netting could be used to fence off start and finish areas to keep dogs contained.
Ring queues 
Excited dogs, distracted owners, hot weather People or dogs High Queues to be kept short
(10 or under)
Positioned away from start and finish area. Caller to be positioned so handlers do not have to cross a queue to book in.
Medium Ensure queues do not interfere with queues from adjacent rings.

If you would like to see the whole of the Kennel Club sample risk assessment form you can find it by using this link to the Kennel Club website.

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