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Jilly is nine years old now and she has slowed down a lot,
but a good wait at the start is still essential.
See Getting a Great Wait at The Start in the blog

Agility Bits News and Updates

Entering Shows

Are you going to your first show? Maybe you're still wondering about how on earth you find the schedules and how you actually enter. These guides are for complete beginners. There's a guide on finding shows and entering, another one on what to do when you get to your first show and finally a guide to who all the people are and what they do in the ring. Ring party jobs are very important, and if you enter shows on a regular basis you will end up helping. It's great fun.

Make a fake wall

Something new for the DIY equipment pages. This is really easy and cheap to make and you don't need any woodworking skills.

Dog Blog Update

When older dogs get restless in the night

Some dogs can suffer from anxiety and become restless in the night as they get older. When Sasha became anxious and began barking I searched for something that would help her to settle....

Updating the website

Thank you for visiting Agility Bits. I'm currently working my way through the website so that it will all work properly and be completely mobile friendly. It's taking a long time and it's a lot of work but hopefully it will be a better site with proper navigation. I shall be putting things like dog games back on the site when the pages have been updated.
If you are an SEO company and you want to work on Agility Bits please let me know how long you have been competing at agility so that I can consider it. Many thanks. Pat

Video - Agility Matches - Why are they all laughing at me?

I was reminded of a funny story the other day about something that happened to me at a match.  I thought it could happen to anyone but on second thoughts it could only happen to me. 

Make an Emergency Windbreak

Got the tent, got the dogs and entered the show but what about a garden for the dogs?  I'd thrown my old windbreaks away and needed to make a new one n a hurry.

The dog names directory has been updated

I've spent hours updating the dog names directory.  It can be viewed easily on mobile, tablet or laptop/desktop and if your dog's name isn't on the list you can send it in.  There are no annoying pop ups and only the names are collected, no personal information or email addresses.  The form sends the names only to my inbox and I add them manually to the directory.  This must be the only website in the world that doesn't use cookies but I've still got a privacy policy.  Happy name hunting.

New Equipment

I made a barn door tyre and it works.  To have a look at this marvel go to the equipment pages.  It's actually quite easy to make.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that you must have a collie to do agility.  Take a look at this clip of an American trial. (Opens in a new window)

Pic illustrating a great video of many different breed dogs doing agility


Some of the bits in Agility Bits

Jilly's Blog

There are lots of interesting articles in the blog covering all sorts of subjects from training and hoopers to competing at agility with an epileptic dog. 

Pooch and Mutt make great dog treats
for calming nervous dogs.



Make your own equipment.  Lots of ideas and designs for jumps, contacts etc.

Garden jump and Sasha

Dog Breeds

Most dogs love agility and this breeds directory includes comments from handlers of various breeds. 
I'm currently making a page for the pomeranian, These are great little dogs and they love agility. If any pomeranian owners would like to send some comments on the breed please email me at agilitybits@gmail.com.
Many thanks,

Groomers Online always has lots of offers and now they have a new loyalty scheme.  For every £1 spent online you will earn Pro Treat points that you can turn into credit to spend on anything on the Groomers website.

Agility Fun

A light hearted look at the funny side of dog agility including how to teach the dogwalk using a chicken, a cat and a plank.

Jamie and Sasha

Dog Names

Are you having trouble naming a dog? Most of the names in this section were sent in by visitors to Agility Bits and they may give you inspiration.  The names section has just been updated and you can send in your own dog names if you want to.


I'm going to give these a whirl the next time I need something for the dogs.  They have really competitive prices, free delivery and 15% off your first order.  They've got to be worth a look.

Site Updates

Agility Bits has a new logo and the whole site has been pared down to the minimum for the time being. This has allowed me to make sure that things are up to date and that all the links work. I will be working on the other bits such as the shop and the games and classes so that I can reinstate them as soon as possible. Thank you for you patience.

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Doggie Solutions has some amazing bargains.  Check out their stock clearances.  There's up to 75% off. 
Great stuff.


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