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balloonsI have to say that Jamie doesn't like parties.  You know how it is.  Everyone's having a good time and then the party pooper turns up and spoils it all. Jamie just doesn't like being in a hall with crowds of people and dogs.  He likes his own space indoors.  Nevertheless I've been to quite a few dogs' parties with other dogs.  If you're stuck for something new to do perhaps some of the games we've played will give you some inspiration.

The Dog Chocolate Drop Race

For this you need a large bag of dogs' chocolate drops (not human chocolate as this is poisonous to dogs) and plenty of greedy dogs.  The idea is to put several lines of choc drops starting from about halfway down the hall to the end.  The race is run in heats.  The handlers start at one end of the hall and race to the lines of choc drops with their dogs.  The dog that eats its own line of choc drops and can race back to the start with their handler wins the heat.  Handlers cannot eat the chocolate themselves.

The Sausage Race

This is really funny and you have to have rather stupid dogs to win. The race is run as a relay so you need to have the dogs and handlers in teams.  Each team lines up at the start while a sausage for each of the first dogs is placed at the other end of the hall.  The first dogs and handlers race to fetch the sausage.  The dogs must carry the sausages all the way back to the start.  Another line of sausages is placed ready for the second dogs. When the first dogs reach the start the second dogs go and the first dogs must give the sausage to the handler.  When all the teams have finished, the team with the most sausages left wins the sausage race.  My dogs were always wise to this one and swallowed the sausages whole.  Sometimes the winning team only has half a sausage from all of their dogs but it's great fun.

The Potato and Spoon Race

This game is run in heats.  Chairs are placed a little way away from the wall at one end of the hall while the handlers and their dogs line up at the other end.  Each handler is given a spoon in which they have to carry a potato.  The spoon can only be carried in the hand that is holding the dog's lead.  Handlers have to race from to the far end of the hall, go round the chair and back to the start.  If they drop the potato they have to stop while they put it back in the spoon.


Cartoon of potato race

Simon Says

All the handlers form a circle with their dogs while someone stands in the middle to give the command Simon says.  The handlers walk round with their dogs until "Simon" gives one of the commands "Simon says sit, down or stand." The last dog to do whatever Simon says drops out and the game continues until a winner is left.  Dogs can get very excited during this game as their handlers suddenly become very animated in their commands.  You'll need several judges to prevent arguments breaking out as to which dog was the slowest.

Musical Mats

You need a radio or CD player for this that can be turned down or switched off quickly.  You will also need a number of mats which can be spread out around the hall.  There should be one less mat than there are dogs.  If there are loads of dogs and not enough mats you can play this in two heats.  The handlers and dogs walk around the hall while the music is playing but when it stops the dog must sit on one of the mats.  The one without a mat drops out and a mat is taken away.  The game continues until you are left with a winner.

The Biscuit Eating Game

For this you need several biscuits, a long pole and some string.  Soft biscuits are best with a hole in the middle.  The biscuits are tied loosely to the string and suspended from the pole.  They need to be at suitable lengths for the size of the dogs.  You need a person at each end of the pole and a judge.  The dogs run in heats and race from one end of the hall to the suspended biscuits.  The one that eats the biscuit first is the winner of the heat.  This is usually won by a labrador.  Other breeds have no chance!

I hope this has given you some ideas for your next dogs' party.  The best fun Jamie ever had was at an outdoor party at the millennium.  All the dogs were allowed to race round and round a field together for a whole morning while their humans ate and drank to their hearts content.  It was the most glorious day for the start of a new century.

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