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Civil Service Agility seen through the eyes of Agility Bits.

Agility Clothes
A lighthearted look at what to wear and what can go wrong.........

Speeding up a slow dog
How I persuaded Jamie to go faster than a slow jog.

How to teach the dogwalk
cat.gif (483 bytes)This unusual method of getting a complete wimp to go across the dogwalk involved a neighbour's cat and some planks....

How to teach the dogwalk to a border collie
This is not the same as teaching other dogs.  The main criterion is that the border collie must be greedy or possibly even a gannet in disguise.

Creaky Knees
Knees cartoonDo you think you're too old for agility?  Rubbish.  Here's a quick guide to growing old disgracefully.

Playing with dogs
Me and Jamie had a lot of fun making this page. Do have a look and make sure the speakers are turned on.

So you want to be a handler?
Cartoons and some of the daft mistakes I've made whilst trying to become a super duper handler that never puts a foot wrong. 

Agility Design of the Future
Bernie has made his contribution to agility.  Thank heavens he isn't in the Kennel Club.

A gallery of handlers
One way to learn is to observe other people in the ring.  These cartoons illustrate some very different styles from the "ballet dancer" to the "clever clogs"


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