Three planks - (borrowed from neighbours) 
A few housebricks - (also borrowed from neighbours) 
A nervous dog - (mine)
Half a cooked chicken - (mine to start with)

cat.gif (483 bytes)The cat from over the road



Build two supports with the house bricks.         

plank and bricks

Put one of the planks on top and use the other two for ramps.


three planks and bricks

Test the structure for wobble

  testing the structure

Put the cat on one of the ramps and tell it to "Walk on."

Catch the cat and put it back on the ramp. Tell it to "Walk on."

Get some chicken from the fridge. Catch the cat and put it back on the ramp. Wave the chicken under the cat’s nose and tell it to "Walk on."

Praise the cat and feed it the chicken. Get more chicken from the fridge. Repeat until the dog gets jealous enough to approach the dog walk

Get the dog to follow the cat which is now following the chicken over the "dog walk."

Put another layer of housebricks on the supports. Get more chicken from the fridge and repeat the exercise.

When the chicken is finished send husband/partner out for a takeaway. Send the cat home and give the dog lots of praise. Try it on the real thing at the next training class.

Note: Cats will not weave under any circumstances.

This is a true story.  It really is how I taught Jamie to have enough courage to walk along a plank.  Up until then he'd refused point blank to have anything to do with walking on ramps of any kind whatsoever. 

"You make me put one paw on that thing and I'll bite you and run away."

The cat gave him the confidence to walk on something narrow.  He loved that cat and he didn't want to miss out on the chicken.  The cat thought all its Christmases had come at once.

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