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The time came when someone in the Civil Service announced that we were going to to have our own agility league.  I know we shouldn't mock the afflicted (I'm one of them) but we couldn't let this go by without comment could we? We must remember that none of the dogs are to blame for entering the Civil Service.  If they don't quite behave as Civil Servants it isn't their fault.  We will try to rectify this with the introduction of team meetings and we hope that in the future all dogs will become loyal and faithful servants of the Crown.

Upon entering the Civil Service dogs should take note of the following requirements.

The Requirements of a Civil Service Agility Dog

All dogs must sign the Official Secrets Act with a paw print.  In your induction you will be given a special form with a box for your paw print.  This form is not available through the Orderline.  It is expected that Civil Service dogs will be familiar with the paw print technique and will have already practiced it many times on the on the kitchen floor.  


All dogs should behave in a manner that befits servants of the Crown.  They should not bring the Civil Service into disrepute.  We realise that this will come as a shock to some of the dogs but it's in the rules so there.


All dogs must complete a computer based ergonomics course on entering the Civil Service.  This will ensure that their workstation is properly set up for them.  At the time of writing, attempts to persuade the Language Line to translate the course into dogspeak have failed.  Your handlers will therefore find it necessary to translate for you.


All dogs must attend team meetings on a regular basis.  This will ensure that you are kept informed and it will allow you to ask questions.


The Civil Service has a diversity policy which must be respected by all dogs.  We are aiming to create equality of opportunity for all whilst recognising that some will face barriers that others do not.  We therefore ask that you do not laugh at any dog that isn't a black and white collie.  They have just as much right to do agility as you.

Home > Agility Fun > Civil Service Agility