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When you're running an agility dog the last thing you want is for your clothes to let you down.  Believe me, it does happen.   Here's a lighthearted look at what to wear and what bits can malfunction.





If you're a bit top heavy you need a sports bra.  It has to be comfortable and supportive and above all it has to stop the dumplings boiling over.  I have heard tell of a buxom lady who daringly went braless in conjunction with a skimpy top.  By the end of her round people were laying bets on whether her bits would escape upwards, downwards or sideways out of the armholes. 
After searching in vain for a big enough sports bra I finally tracked some down in Asda.   At 3 each in the sale they were a snip, and they are the most comfortable bras I've ever worn. 


Cartoon of top heavy lady running


One Christmas my mother handed me a present and I unwrapped it eagerly only to find three pairs of big white knickers.  Bloomers might have been more descriptive for they were approximately twenty times the size of my normal attire.  They stayed unworn in my knicker drawer for several years.  I never thought the day would come when I'd wear big knickers...and then I took up agility.  Sorry girls.  Big knickers are comfortable when running.   


Big knickers on the line


Someone at work once said to me "Why don't you wear spikes?"  Ye gods!  Imagine if I stepped on a dog or fell over the judge.    As an ex hockey centre half,  hockey shoes were the first things I thought of for agility.  No surprise then that the agility standard is to wear hockey shoes with astro turf soles.  My Ditas lasted well and they're perfect for running on grass.  They beat the wellies hands down but unless you buy waterproof hockey shoes expect your feet to get wet at times.  I wear trail runners now and they're a lot cheaper than Ditas.

You can also buy waterproof socks from ebay and they really do work.  Try looking in an outlet on ebay such as Sports Direct.  You get the end of line stuff at half the price they are in the shops. 

Agility footwear



Trousers have to stay up.  No, I mean it. The bargain pair you bought in the sale will bring you instant fame if they're just a tad too big.   It has been known for hapless handlers to cause no end of merriment by losing their trousers in the ring.  Be warned.  Agility folk would not let you forget this for a long long time.  Buy something comfy enough for running but above all make sure they're safe.


Losing trousers in the ring


Do try and buy at least one garment with zipped pockets.   You can't put food in them in case the judge has declared "No food at all in my ring,or you're at a UKA show.  You can put all some other bits in them though as long as it's not something jangly like kes.  Oh yes, there have been e's for carrying keys that click on the way round like a clicker!  Make sure they're firmly zipped up.  The ring party won't be amused if you leave trail of poo bags and emergency toilet paper behind you. 


Don't lose stuff from your pockets

Hats and other odd garments

Unless they're really secure take them off before your run.  Go hatless especially if you have a retriever or a part retriever or this will happen.

Jamie fetches my hat
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