Agility Design of the Future is Bernie's input into agility.  I'm not sure he should be encouraged in this and I've advised him that in future he should  stick to playing with the new camera I bought him for his birthday.  What do you think?

First you need to modernise the jumps

Dog agility jumps look as if they've come out of the ark.  Wouldn't it be a good idea to have an electronic mechanism that raises and lowers the poles by remote control?


Then you work on the handler

There really isn't any need for the handler to run with the dog.  All you have to do is to get an electric dog to go round the course and get all the dogs to follow.


But going back to the jumps again

Actually you could do away with the jumps altogether.  You could have holograms instead.  The dogs wouldn't notice the difference.


In fact, when you think of the whole concept

You don't really need to go to the show at all. You could have a virtual dog based on your dog, then you could just stay at home and log on to the internet to see how it got on.


The latest contribution from Bernie:-

'Now that individuals can put proposals forward to the Agility Liaison Council I want to propose a new category for entering a show.  We already have NFC (Not For Competition) but there really needs to be a space on the entry form to put EPO.'


"Yes, you know.  The famous EPO.  Entertainment Purposes Only."

And then they voted him onto the committee of the dog agility club!  I thought he was better off watching rugby.

In memory of Bernie 1947 to 2018

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