The Easy Walk Harness


I bought an Easy Walk harness for Sasha because she was a very strong puller and she needed a bit of control when we went for an exciting walk somewhere.  The Easy Walk was recommended to me by someone who had a very strong young boxer and it was the only way she could manage the dog on a walk.

It took a bit of working out how to put the harness on but when I'd done it once it was easy.  Sasha seemed quite happy to walk on the harness and it does offer good degree of control and stops her pulling hard. 

We still use it if we go to places where Sasha must walk nicely and can't go off the lead all the time.  If you use a training harness you must give the dog some free running as well otherwise they will become frustrated and will start to play up in other ways. 

In the pictures below Sasha gets used to wearing the harness for short periods in the garden.  She looks very happy and doesn't take much notice of it at all.  In the picture on the right we are visiting a stately home.  Sasha has walked around the gardens on her Easy Walk harness and has been well behaved all the way.  Now it's time for free running.  Without this little interlude we'd have an impossible dog by the time we got home.