Harnesses & Headcollars


If you've tried other training methods to stop a dog pulling but you haven't got on with them you could think about using a training harness or a headcollar.  Some of these work very well. 

If you just want to go for walks where your dog has to stay on the lead for part of the way then a harness is excellent.  If you're doing something more active, like taking part in an agility class then a headcollar might be better.  Harnesses can be a bit fiddly if you need to keep letting the dog off the lead and then putting them back on again.

There is a huge choice of devices on the market and I've used a few of them.  Some of them  I would alter to suit my dogs as they tighten too much otherwise.  The best known headcollar is the Halti like the one shown on the right.  This was developed by Dr Roger Mugford specifically to help people to train pulling dogs.  There is also a Halti harness that you can try. 

When using headcollars and harnesses it really is a question of finding out what suits you and your dog.  We've tried out a few of these with very good results and I've reviewed some of them on the next few pages.