Keeping quiet and
    standing still


Here's another easy method to stop a dog pulling and it's one where the dog actually teaches itself. 
In this photo Sasha has suddenly pulled forward quite hard while Jamie's still plodding along behind. He has no intention of going at the hurry up and I'm not going to walk along the path with Sasha pulling like this. 

If you get into this situation the thing to do is to stop and stand still with the lead still taught.  Don't say anything at first but give the dog time to realise you're not going anywhere.  You dog will probably turn towards you to find out what's going on.  The second you feel the lead slacken you can take a step forward.  The dog will almost certainly pull hard again and so you stop and stand still.  You can probably see where this is going.

Every time the dog pulls you stop and every time the lead goes slack you move forward.  It doesn't take a dog long to make the connection and very soon you'll find that if you have to stop the lead will go slack almost immediately.  This really is a no fuss way to train a dog and you could well find that it works for you.

If your dog doesn't allow the lead to go slack try gently calling him towards you and as soon as he responds and lets the lead go slack praise and move forward.  Keep working like this and eventually your dog will let the lead go slack as soon as it tightens.

If you've tried all the training and nothing seems to be working there are other ways to train.