Using a long lead
    for control



Here's one easy method I've used to stop a dog pulling.  In these photos Sasha's pulling quite hard on the lead.  She may have seen something exciting to chase or maybe she's fed up with me wanting some photos and not letting her off the lead!

Here's a quick way to stop a dog pulling like this. Take the lead in both hands as shown below and place it across the front of the dog's chest.  You need to have it fairly low down to be effective.



Encourage the dog to walk forward.  In the picture on the left, the lead is a bit too high up on the chest and this makes it less effective.     In the picture on the right I've moved the lead lower down and now Sasha's stopped pulling and she's looking back at me.  My immediate reaction is to praise.  "What a good girl!"



Continue walking and each time the dog pulls just use a very gentle pressure on the part of the lead that is across the chest to rebalance her again.  Be really quick with the praise when the lead goes slack.  "What a good girl."  A dog will soon learn that walking on a slack lead earns praise.  They should never be punished or scolded for pulling.  It does much more harm than good to make a dog anxious and they will pull even harder if they're worried.  What you want is a happy walk with lots of fun and praise.

I hope this technique will be helpful to you if you have a pulling dog.  I've included this line drawing to help you see how the lead goes.   The method works well with a broad chested dog like Jamie and taller dogs like Sasha.  If you have a smaller dog or you don't get on with this method then there are other ways to show your dog that loose lead walking is more fun.