Turid Rugaas

One person who may be able to help is Turid Rugaas, an internationally renowned dog trainer from Norway.  Turid has written a book on pulling dogs that may help people who are really struggling.  When you're working from a book it's more difficult than if you have a one to one trainer but if you follow everything to the letter there's no reason why you shouldn't successfully train your dog.

Here's a short video clip of Turid training dogs all over the world.  If you like her style and you're struggling with your dog, then perhaps you would like to buy her book and find out more about loose lead walking.

Turid Rugaas - My dog pulls, what do I do?  This book is available at the best prices from ebay and Amazon.

If you think you've gone beyond that stage then don't give up.  Further resources can be found on the following page.