Further Help

Sometimes I hear from people who are feeling a bit desperate.  Their dog is pulling them all over the place and they've tried absolutely everything.  It seems that nothing has worked.  Please , please can I do something to help them.

In these cases it can be very difficult to give a solution over the internet.  Both dog and owner have become very tense and almost certainly both are afraid.  It's no joke when your dog lunges on the end of a lead and is almost uncontrollable.  It can hurt your shoulder to hang onto the lead or you can get pulled right over by the dog. 

I would suggest in the first instance that you stop walking your dog where is there is going to be a lot of stimulus and he's likely to get wound up and start lunging and pulling.  If at all possible you need to walk in an open area away from other dogs and people.  This is so that you can foresee potentially difficult situations and avoid them.  Try not to pass too closely by other walkers.  Take a curving path away from someone who is coming towards you and try to keep yourself between the dog and the other person. Don't make too much of it. 

You also need to get some professional help from a local dog trainer or a dog behaviourist.  The best way for a dog trainer to help someone is to meet them face to face and actually see what's going on.   They will usually spot something that you missed because you were too close to the situation.  The last two pages of this little online ebook will suggest some ways of getting further help. In time you will be able to get control of your dog once more and have a long and happy friendship.