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Using a long lead for gentle control  (Training method one suitable for larger dogs)

Keeping quiet and standing still (Training method two suitable for all dogs)

Harnesses & headcollars

The Halti harness

The Easy Walk harness

Other training harnesses


Further help


Further resources



A dog that pulls on the lead can be very wearing and it isn't always easy to show them how to walk nicely on a loose lead.  In this online ebook I'll show you two methods that I use to get dogs walking happily on a lead and I'll also discuss the use of headcollars and training harnesses and where to get further help if you need it. 

The training methods outlined here are gentle methods that will help your dog to stop pulling without using force.  They're both quiet methods that won't wind up a boisterous dog  or give you a sore throat and yet both of these methods can work very well.  Like all dog training, you have to go for trial and error to some extent and find out what works for you and your dog. 

Dogs and their handlers are so very different and there isn't any "one size fits all".  I do know that using kindness and a happy voice encourages a dog and they will respond much more quickly than if you nag or shout.

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