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Not For Competition runs or training runs as they are sometimes called are often available at independent shows.  You will need to check the rules of the organisation running the show to see if you can do some training in the ring and the read the rules very carefully.  UKA allows dogs to run as Not For Competition or nfc in all of their classes but you have tell the ring party and make it clear that you don't want your run to be judged. 




These runs are invaluable for young dogs and dogs just starting in competition.  They're also excellent for dogs that have started having issues such as breaking a wait at the start, jumping off contacts or missing weave entries.  Anything can be trained in the ring and you don't have to follow the set course.  You can use the whole course time just to train one thing if you want or you can have a crack at the whole course without being put under pressure.  At UKA and most other independent shows you can take a silent toy in the ring but not food.


Here's little Jilly having a go at her very first agility course running nfc.  She gets her contacts nicely and does her weave.  I threw the toy for her and played with her on release from the A frame and the dog walk but after the see-saw I kept hold of the toy until she'd finished the course.






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