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Schedules and entry forms are sometimes confusing when you're starting out in agility. It's true there's a lot of small print but once you've done a few it becomes much easier.

If you want to enter a Kennel Club show you'll need to read the schedule and complete the entry form in good time.  You can't turn up on the day and ask to enter the classes.  The closing date for most shows is about a month to six weeks before the show date. 

If you belong to a club or you go to an independent trainer they may give you some of the schedules for shows or you can download them from sites such as Agilitynet or Agility Eye.  Look for the show diaries. 

Some shows can be entered online via sites such as internet Show Services (iSS) and this will be indicated in the show diary.  If you enter online you may be asked to pay a small annual fee for the service. 

The vast majority of Kennel Club entry forms that I complete are on paper.  All the of the UK Agility shows I enter are done so online through their own website. 

Most shows offer 3 classes for each dog and some of the bigger shows offer as many as five or six classes.

The paper entry forms for Kennel Club shows are all very similar.  You will need to read the schedule carefully.  Sometimes it may look as if there are a lot of classes to enter but the club may ask people to restrict their entries to the maximum number set by the club.

A typical Kennel Club schedule will usually offer a standard jumping class and a standard agility class.  There may be an additional standard class for you to enter or there may be a special class such as a helter skelter or steeplechase.  The special classes don't count towards progression or agility warrants.

Schedules all start with the name of the organising club and will state that the show is
"Held under Kennel Club Rules and Regulations H & H (1))"

The date and address of the venue will come next and then you'll find some important information that you will need to note.  It will read something like this:-


If I was attending this show I would want to get to the venue at around 7.45am to find a good parking spot and to let the dogs stretch their legs.  The judge's briefings for the first classes are at 8:15am and you will need to be walking the course or courses well before the first dogs start to run at 8.30am.  You can walk the course as soon as the ring is ready and this may be well before the judge's briefing.

The schedule will also show who are the Guarantors to the Kennel Club, the show secretary and the show manager.

There will be a closing date for entries and the name and address of the person to whom you should send your completed entry form and to whom the cheque should be made payable.

Every schedule should include the contact details for the nearest available veterinary surgeon on the day.

You will also find other useful information such as whether refreshments will be available and what to do if you have entered a show at your current grade and have subsequently won out of that grade.  Directions to the show venue will be given so don't lose the schedule if you don't know where you're going.

The prizes on offer for each class will read something like:-


Trophies:  To 1st in all classes to 2nd if 30 dogís or more and to 3rd if 50 dogs or more

Rosettes will be awarded to approximately 10% of the entry in all classes.     Clear Round Rosettes in ALL Classes. 

Now comes the interesting bit, which classes are on offer and which classes are you going to enter?  It will say on the schedule if competitors are limited to a certain number of classes at the show. 

Usually it will be clear cut. You can only enter the classes that are for dogs in your grade.  Some classes may be for more than one grade and these will say whether they are either graded or combined. In a graded class the results are recorded separately for each grade and places awarded to each grade.  In a combined class there is one set of results for all the grades in the class.

If you have an older dog or a young dog you might want to consider entering an any size or allsorts class.  The jump heights are much lower for these classes but the courses aren't necessarily simple.  Some clubs will only put on one of these classes and will say that if you enter the enter the any size class then you can't also compete in the other classes with the same dog. 

Now you will need to read the show rules and complete the entry form.  If I were you I would glance at the bit that says something like:-

Entries to :

c/o Entries secretary                                
Dogsbody Cottage,

Or enter online at:

If you want to enter online then you won't need the paper entry form but you will still need the information you would put on the form.

Completing the paper form

You will need a separate entry form for each person but you can include several dogs run by the same handler on one form.  The date and venue of the show will be given and instructions that you can only enter Kennel Club registered dogs.

The form will have a section for writing in the dog's details and the classes entered which may look something like this.


To complete the form you will need to write in your dog's Kennel Club name.  If you're still waiting to hear from the Kennel Club write in the name you've chosen and put "NAF" after the name.  This stands for Name Applied For.  If a registered dog is in the process of being transferred to your name put "TAF" on the form.  (Transfer Applied For).

If you've received your registration papers from the Kennel Club you need to write down the Kennel Club number under KC/ATC.  ATC stands for Authority To Compete and it is there for people who are travelling from abroad and wish to enter a show in the UK.  Under D.o.B write in the dog's date of birth or put unknown if you don't know.  Under Height choose S,M or L for small medium or large and under breed put the breed or "Cross" if you have a crossbreed.  Under sex put D or B for dog or bitch.  You'll need to put which grade you are in the grade column and finally write in the class numbers of the classes in which you would like to compete.  Make sure they're separated by commas! 

If you're taking a companion dog along that isn't going to compete then you'll have to write the dog's details on the form and put NFC (Not For Competition) under the classes section.  Clubs can accept these entries at their discretion.  If the dog is not Kennel Club registered then you will need to contact the show secretary for advice.

Please write as clearly as possible.  I always print on entry forms to make it easier for the person handling the entries to read.

You will also find a section on the form that looks like this:-

Handler's Name Owner's Name (if different)


Address including postcode Address including postcode






Again you need to write as clearly as possible in case the club needs to contact you for anything.  If you're the handler and the owner of the dog you only need to fill in the bit on the handler's side which makes it much easier.

The form may include some information such as, "Dogs may only compete in three classes."  In this case for example, if you mistakenly write down entries for four classes when they have said three then club may alter the entry or they contact you.  

Entry forms all have a declaration to be signed which reads:-


I/We agree to submit to and be bound by the Kennel Club Rules & Regulations in their present form or as they may be amended from time to time in relation to all canine matters which the Kennel Club is concerned and that this entry is made upon the basis that all current single or joint registered owners of this dog[s] have authorised/consented to this entry.  I/We also undertake to abide by the Regulations of this show and not bring to the Show any dog which has contracted or been knowingly exposed to any infectious or contagious disease during the 21 days prior to the Show or which is suffering from a visible condition which adversely affects itís health or welfare.  I/We further declare that I/we believe to the best of my/our knowledge that the dogs are not liable to disqualification under Kennel Club Activity Regulations.

Signature....................................................            Date..............................................

You must sign and date the form or your entry won't be accepted. 

Finally there will be a section for the fees. It will tell you where to send the entries and to whom you should make cheques payable. 


..........entries @ £2.75 per dog per class

helping Fundog members only

..........entries @ £1.50 per dog per class


.........nights camping @£10 per night

Please make cheques/PO payable to:
Fundogs Agility Club and enclose a SAE for your running orders.

This club has asked for a stamped addressed envelope to be enclosed so that they can send you your running orders.  Some clubs may ask you to include an amount for postage so that they can send the running orders in their envelopes. 

If you are sending a SAE it's best to provide one that's a C5 or A5 size.  Often the ring plans or other instructions are included with the running orders and the person dealing with entries has quite a job to fit everything into a small envelope.

So that's it.  Now all you have to do is to check your entry.  Is everything completed, have you written the cheque and enclosed a SAE if requested?  If so then you might want to take the entry to the Post Office so that you can get a certificate of posting.  It's free and you have some proof that you sent the entry on time if it gets delayed in the post.  Your entry needs to be postmarked on or before the closing date.  Fold the schedule in half and write on it, "Entered and the date."  Keep it somewhere safe alongside your other show entries.  If you enter lots of shows then you won't forget which ones you've done and which you haven't.  

I due course and about a week or two before the show you will receive your running orders.  If you don't receive them, contact the organising club and explain what's happened.  They will be able to sort your entry out for you and you should be able to pick up your running orders at the show.

If you're entering shows other than the Kennel Club then you need to follow the specific instructions of the organising body.  For instance, UK agility shows can be entered using their website which you'll find here.  You'll have to register with the site so that you can log in. You'll also be able to check your progress on the site and see how many points you have towards progresion.

If you want to find a comprehensive show diary for Kennel Club and other shows then look on

Agility Net


Agility Eye

If you can't find a schedule and you know which is the organising club then you can try Googling the club name to see if the have a website with the schedule to download.

Good luck.

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