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Combined classes allow two or more grades to compete against each other with one set of overall results.  For example, you can have grade 1 and 2 combined where grade 1 dogs will be competing against the slightly more experienced grade 2's.  The courses are pitched so that all dogs in these grades can manage them. 

Graded classes are the same as combined classes except that the awards are split into different grades at the score table.  The courses are all similar to the ones shown in the videos but in a graded class you will be only be competing against dogs in your own grade.


Here's Jilly in a combined
1 and 2 jumping class









...and in a combined
1 and 2 agility class.






Sometimes courses can have a more challenging element in them as in this grade 1 to 3 jumping course.  The first 3 jumps aren't as straightforward as in a grade 1 or 2 course and here we use a German turn so that we're well placed for the next part of the course.  After that it's very straightforward.  Jilly did well to come 6th!




Sasha in a combined 1 to 3 class
October 2015.

It was a shame she had a pole down after the weave.  As you can see, the course was straightforward and the dogs needed a fair turn of speed to win.  Sasha's time wasn't far off the winning time either so it's not bad for a ten year old dog.



...and finally we can't leave the combined and graded classes without showing some of Sasha's winning run in a grade 1 and 2 jumping class.  This one was at a limit show and the class was described as special jumping.  Although it's exactly the same as a standard class the win doesn't count towards progression when it's on the schedule as a special. 



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