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People who have Patterdale Terriers are consistently very enthusiastic about the breed.  The breed is not recognised by the UK Kennel Club but patterdale owners describe them as being tough, sturdy and active.  The height is variable and although my breeds book tells me that it is below 12.5 inches (32cm)  you may well find that some Patterdales are taller than this and could just creep into the medium category.  The weight for a Patterdale is generally around 12 to 13lb (5 to 6kg).

One thing that stands out in the comments by Patterdale owners is that they need a considerable amount of exercise.  They are real little terriers with typical terrier temperaments but although some of them may be a little wilful they are great fun to own and they make good family pets.  You do need the time to exercise these dogs and agility is an ideal way of keeping them out of mischief.
Respondents to the survey found Patterdales and their crosses fairly easy or fair to middling to train .  They all said they would choose this type of dog again.  Lucy Gooding is the latest to respond to the survey and her experience of Patterdales mirrors all the others.  We've had more comments on these little dogs than any other breed.  They really are becoming very popular and people seem to love their high energy, fun loving attitude to life.

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Looking for a puppy?
Unfortunately I don't know of any patterdale breeders apart from the people who have the patterdale website  This is probably the best contact for puppies and further information.

Patterdale terriers are among the most popular breeds and there are lots of gifts and other items for sale that would make ideal gifts.  A small selection can be found below.  There are also many comments from Agility Bits visitors.  In fact so many that I had to make another couple of web pages before I called a halt to the flood of responses.   You can find more dog products in the Agility Bits Doggie Shop

Comments on the Patterdale

Regretfully I won't be able to publish any more comments in this section of the breeds directory.  Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences of the Patterdale terrier.  It's very much appreciated.

If you want to ask a question or ask for help you are welcome to join the forum and post in the Patterdale Chat category or the dog training category. 

Just to add to the other positive comments about Patterdales on your site. We have a rescue bitch, now probably nine to ten months old who was found in the street of a city some distance away, at what must have been no more than six weeks old. The finder passed her on to a woman in a nearby village who must have been very kind to her but did little or nothing to train her. She came to us when the woman had decided that she could not afford to keep her and was going to pass her to the SPA (we live in France) but came by chance to our house and decided Scruffy might be happy with us and our two older dogs. We were easily persuaded to take her. That was seven months ago and it would be hard to find a more delightful animal. She has occasional spats with our very elderly Jack Russell, mobs our big mongrel, who is part German Shepherd and part I don't know what, but who keeps her in line when needed. She is very trainable, anxious to please, enormously energetic (luckily we have about five acres), gets on well with the cats (4, outside) having been put in her place by them and, after at first being frightened by such small people, adored the company of our grandsons (5 and 7). She is a superb watchdog but, mercifully, does not try to chase cars. She also adores water. Her colouring is black, white on chin and chest, with a touch on the nose and a very small white touch on each foot. I do not know if she is a cross but she seems in every way like a Patterdale except that she has now developed quite a long, rather soft, coat: it was always a bit long, hence the name. (Scruffy) It does not matter except for curiosity's sake but here's few photographs at various ages in case anyone has any thoughts.

Patterdale handler (Patterdale/ Jack Russell):
She's very stubborn and has a mind of her own, which I expect being the breed cross she is, but she is only good with our family and dogs, and detests others, HELP

Peter Davies:
Bobby was very easy to train. I needed to be very firm with him as he is very
determined. In my experience they are great house dogs and have a lot of spirit. I
would recommend them as family pets.

We have had our pat Benson since he was 8 weeks old he is now two and a half. He is a really lovely boy, very affectionate and very very funny. He likes sleeping especially at night when he creeps into our bed and curls up under the covers. He is also very nosy he likes to look out of the window to see what is outside, he makes different noises for what he can see cats, birds, children etc. He adores children of any age and seems to know what age he can rough and tumble with and which to be nice with. His ball and him are inseparable, it is never far from his side even when asleep. He makes us laugh especially when he does what we call run around, he runs around the house like a loony picking up and dropping anything in his path. We also have a 9 year old papillon they have had a few serious fights which Luke starts and naturally Ben finishes, luckily we have always been about to split it up as poor Luke wouldn't stand a chance. The problem we have with him is we cannot let him off the lead as he runs off and wont come back do you have any tips please.
Linda, please see the comments below.

Eve (patterdale/lakeland terrier cross):
Just taken on a 2 year old patterdale/lakeland re named him Harry (Houdini) for obvious reasons! lovely boy full of fun and energy and affection. Only 1 problem although he is good on the lead - walking to heel and recall- off the lead he is a nightmare! When let off the lead heads for the horizon! and keeps on going. The only thing that stops him is if he comes across another dog. Any suggestions?
Pat comments: If you haven't had Harry very long then he probably hasn't time to adjust and to bond with his new family.  I would suggest that you give him more time to get to know you and that you take him to training classes.  A little dog like this would be an ideal candidate for agility and Harry would learn to focus on you more.  Perhaps you can go along to a training group where they do obedience and agility and see what the trainers think.  You are welcome to join the forum and ask the other members for their ideas as well. 

we bought our patterdale Olly to keep our westie Ted company. After some initial jealousy, it was all good and now they are bezzy mates. I thought Ted was loving and cuddly, but Olly is a cuddle monster! I've never owned a patterdale before, they are brilliant dogs and I would recommend them to anyone.

I went to the dogs home to give a dog a home. I had to be very carefully when picking the right dog as I already had a Jack Russell and two Burman cats. I didn't find the right dog on my first visit but on my second visit I entered the 'puppy room' and there she was. The most adorable liver brown puppy with beautiful dark brown eyes, approx 5 mths old. She had been in the dogs home for 2 week and when I asked why, I was told most people looking for a puppy want a little bundle. I took my Jack Russell (Ted) to meet her the next day. When let off the lead, Ted ignored (Sally) and quickly rolled in doggy poo!! Sally then went to investigate and quickly eat the poo! My husband and I fell in love with her immediately and we all went home smelly of doggie poo! She has settled in with the cats and now rules the roost. She is a very loving dog and the only dog I have owned that loves brown sauce!

Ellie is our energetic, lovable 4 month old patterdale terrier who's only flaws are her occasional discreation feasting and her urinating all over the house. She also can nibble often causing puncture marks and occasionally drawing blood. She can sit, lie down, give her paw and is learning to roll over. The breeder docked her tail before we got her so we cant take her to any major competitions, but i can't wait to take her to local agility and/or obedience classes!

We have recently rescued a 3 year old patterdale boy called Buster. He is smooth coated, black with a white chest. Our 6 year old son absolutely adores Buster and he has quickly became a loved member of our family (our cat on the other hand hates him?). He is very clever and easily trained, we cannot however walk him off lead or let him out on his own as he escapes. Patterdales are fun, loving dogs that make truly great pets.

I have had my Patterdale terrier Murphy for 3 months now and although he is such a live wire to the extreme!! I can't imagine life without him. He is loyal and loving and walks about 3 miles every day off the lead and never strays too far from me. He is fantastic with my 3 children and almost housetrained bar a few accidents at the Back door!! These dogs need to know who's boss or will run riot.

We have a little patterdale terrier called Jack, we found him about 3 months ago wandering on the road with no collar or chip. We took him in as nobody claimed him and we now love him loads. However, people should not be deceived by his short little legs, he does require an enormous amount of exercise. He is most of the time well behaved but occasionally he does get on the trail of squirrel or rabbit scent and becomes possessed. There is no controlling him and he becomes wild, it can take up to an hour to get him back on his lead. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Pat comments: It's possible that Jack was feral for a little while and dogs that have lived wild, even for a short time always seem to have a bit of a wild streak in them.  It can make the recall a bit difficult.  I would suggest training classes in the first instance. 

Hi, we have a 14 wk patterdale. He is very loving and greets everyone enthusiastically when they come in. He loves cuddles and sitting on your lap! Problem is nipping, and becoming more aggressive, especially in the evenings, even after walk! Any suggestions? He is booked in for puppy training classes. We have 3 chidren, the youngest being 11, and she is the one who is having more difficulty with the dog respecting her. Eventhough he is causing some problems, he is the most fun and lovely dog and we wouldn't be without him.

Lisa (Patterdale /Jack Russell cross)
We got our precious Poppy at the grand age of 9 weeks old. She has proved a fantastic addition to our family and was very quickly house trained. Our two children love her to bits and we can highly recommend a Patterdale as a family pet. Pops was originally supposed to have been a Jack Russell, but clearly from her colouring she is not. We often get asked if she is a Rottie, but we know now from weeks of surfing she is definitely a Patterdale x Jack Russell. We had this confirmed by the breeder as it seems her Aunt's Patterdale dog got in there first. She is a bundle of energy and loves nothing more than a cuddle and affection. We took her on her first outing to the lake today resulting in her first bath!!!!! She is good with other dogs and so far has not had any bad experiences. At 4 months old she is becoming a real charachter and is a very valuable member of our family. Although the family have had several near piercings by her teeth, we all understand she is teething and is in pain. There have been many trips to the local pet shop to buy numerous teething toys and this has definitely helped. We are going to the breeder again in a week or so to get a Jack Russell pup who is tiny. Jazzy is definitely a JR as is small with brown and white markings. We are a little concerned that they may not get on as there will be a BIG difference in size, but not age (8 weeks). Does anyone know if there could potentially be a problem with the 2 interacting??? Please forward any ideas/comments on.

Had Zak patterdale dog for 4 weeks got him at 8 weeks old. Having had working dogs terriers etc all my life ( now 50 ) this is my first patterdale. He is the most obedient dog I have owned. He behaves like a 2 year old trained dog. Hose trained him in 2 nights, loves walks and exploring, very loyal and full of mischief if allowed. Its the owner that needs to be trained a lot of the time not the dog. Remember you are the pack leader and the dog will follow, give in and have problems always. Put time into your dog and continue to train daily. Zak loves life and loves being a follower and abilty trainig daily and his long walks. A obedient dog is a happy dog, make sure you excercise daily 40 min to 2 hour walk will work.

My Saluki /Lurcher aged 2.5 was lonely - he didn't know it but I did, so decided to contact the re-homing centre where he came from at age 6 months. We looked at many bitches, mostly hound types and he seemed scared to death to meet them. I do think he had become a bit insular after being alone for a couple of months and was so jealous of other dogs coming any where near me. I was told about a Patterdale terrier being homed off site so made arrangements to see her. I had no idea what this breed would look like but the big eyes and beard totally won me over. She ran out into the garden with Ferdie my lurcher in full pursuit - however once back into the house he curled up his nose & growled at her so I decided this was not a good idea, thanked the people & left. A couple of hours later I realised I had made a big mistake - this was a feisty little dog whom my dog would learn to love/respect. To cut the story I have adopted the patterdale now called her Piper. The first night she jumped up on my bed and slept thru and has ever since been my shadow moving from room to room. The 2 walks we have done so far have been amazing. She comes back as soon as I call her and she runs & ducks & dives with my lurcher. He is still a bit rough with her thru jealousy but tonight he is so exhausted as she chased him across the fields, is flat out in his bed. I am very confident that these two dogs will be real pals.

We just got a patterdale terrier X puppy age 13 weeks, she is wonderful gets on great with the kids. Even though we have cats she still stays well away after nearly being swiped with a claw! Everyone says she looks like a black labrador puppy but smaller.

Penny Cockerill - Patterdale cross labrador
We were lucky enough to rehome Orla at 13 months from Hearing Dogs for Deaf People in Bucks. She was looking for an agility home. She had already been very well socialised and got to week 18 of her training before they gave up trying to recall her - she has an extremely strong prey drive. So I knew I would have trouble with this, and the first time she went AWOL was from our training field at agility which is adjacent to a very large wood. During the next 2 hours she ran straight past me twice and disappeared into the bushes - when I gave up and walked back to the gate she came trotting up shortly afterwards, not even panting and she had been running non-stop. I think she knew where I was all the time. Even so she has run out of the park once so I can't let her off lead yet. She is so cute and adorable and really wants to please. She has taken to agility like a duck to water and already has contacts to die for (after about 4 months). She gets on so well with our 9 year old Airedale that they have really rough play which she initiates and he loves. Our staffie cross bitch was a bit put out at first - after all she was THE agility dog- but now they happily share my lap and a crate on the way to shows. My husband loves her more than the others, I think, and we have never regretted taking her on. We love her to bits.

Had him 2 weeks, he is now 9 weeks, just had his first injection. lost ben( a cairn/staff cross) due to kidneys, a month ago.the new fella in town is called Diogee.or d.o.g. or Dio as he is answering to!! Lovely chap, can't wait until his next injection, then its some road work on the lead, then hopefully the fields.

We`ve had oor wee dog from about 8 weeks, she`s six months now, almost, all she does is scratch n nibble her legs, front an rear, , we`ve taken her to vet, had a course of tabs etc, she's still doin it. Any help guys, maybe her diet is wrong, or maybe anyone can help.
Pat comments:  I would try feeding something like Wafcol.  Jamie can be a bit of an itchy dog but he's fine on Burns chicken and brown rice food mixed with some James Wellbeloved.  A change in diet should always be done over several days to prevent tummy upsets from eating strange food. 

I have had my little patterdale "puppy" for two and a half years now. Her name is Minnow Mae as I am an avid fisherwoman from the South (also, her mother's name is Crickett!). I call her a puppy still because this little breed never loses its puppy personality. She is pretty hyper but will quiet when told. She even sits and watches television if there is some sort of animal on the screen! These terriers are amazingly loyal and intelligent. But HEADSTRONG if allowed an inch! She doesn't miss a single trick. If you are thinking about letting one of these little delights into your life, you will never be disappointed!

We Have A Weimeraner,13 years old, and we are thinking of getting a Patterdale puppy...Is this a good idea?
Pat comments: Patterdales are  working dogs and they are notorious for being energy monsters. Sometimes people can be a bit taken aback by the amount of attention, training and exercise these dogs need.  It follows that this may not fit in with the lifestyle of a 13 year old dog that is probably nicely settled in his or her ways.  I would think very carefully about this before you make a decision as it may be very upsetting for your older dog to have a small puppy in the house.

I have had my patterdale terrier for a year and a half. He is a very good family dog but can't mix with other dogs that are on their leash, he hates it but if they're not on a leash he's fine. Was wondering does any one else have this problem? Never known a better dog to integrate with children.
Pat comments:  This is a very common problem with all sorts of dogs.  A training class could help and hopefully the trainer will be able to see what's causing the problem with your particular dog.  Good luck.

My husband fell in love with a patterdale that his friend has, while on a hunting trip. We have located a female puppy and would like to adopt her. She is about 3 months old and looks so cute. However, after reading some of the comments here, I am worried how she will be with my cat of 7 years. Are all patterdales cat -aggressive?
Pat comments:I really think this depends on the individual dog and whether they have been brought up with cats or not.  It should be easy enough to train a small puppy but then we are talking terriers here and they can be more wilful than some other breeds of dog.  There are several posts on the Agility Bits forum about dogs living with cats.

Whitley is nearly three yrs old and a total nightmare with other dogs, we are keen caravaners and he attacked two dogs while we were away on the weekend. You can imagine the flack we got off people around us. He is going to be neutered on Thursday and I hope this will calm him down any suggestions would be welcome.
Pat comments: One or two people who contribute to the forum have had problems with their patterdales showing aggression towards other dogs.  I don't think this is specific to this breed though. Have a read of their comments and the replies as there are some suggestions that might help. 

Hi its been really interesting reading your comments regarding patterdales I'm a newly converted patterdale lover. I've had collie crosses before. we now have a springer x pointer and he is fantastic and our first patterdale Jet before kids let him out and he was sadly killed.  We now have a very secure garden and a new patterdale called Reg but we are still learning. Reg seems a bit more relaxed than Jet because Jet was such a little powerhouse wanting to know everything I was doing the wife was doing . I can't wait for Reg to come to life as he's only been with us a couple of days what a great breed of dog I'll keep you posted.

We have 2 patterdale terriers, brother and sister, nearly 4yrs. totally different characters . Tilly can be a little aggressive with other small dogs and is forever cat hunting but indoors very loving . Kofi is very soft but will join in if led by his sister. Together they play happily and are inseparable. Wouldn't change for the world.

last here christmas I had pattdale Terrier puppy and love him then have another dog may or june 2007 border terrier Eddie mum call Darcy but sadly pick up dog poo and Golden retive fight my dogs and goldren retive bite me so did Darcy after at put playground in dog fieds dogs wasn't alwon off lead and Eddie was unhappy be on lead try do right for eddie but even with playmate he chew and he get strong find hard to control him He bite me and one at feed him so knew he was under happy ask college could have year out said no because I student rep i was upset try get pet sitter but no body come try buy toys but still Eddie was under happy yet love him so on 23 october 2007 I had rehome Eddie miss him so much friday 26 october 2007 realy Miss him but got his mother who border terrier and Think she deef but never body say pattdale terrier are working dogs and won't be stubiable as family dog are right? Also Eddie was pattdalecross with border Terrier he was quiet puppy when had last year but do say quiet one are wose I miss Eddie and hope enjoy run off fields in new home I miss him and crying night)
Pat comments: I'm so sorry you had to find a new home for Eddie.  He will be much happier now that he has a new home where he can run in the fields and play.  Patterdale terriers are working dogs and they need lots of exercise and some work to do.  Agility or flyball is ideal for them, or if you are a runner they would make good Cani-Cross dogs.

Sarah and Catherine
We own two patterdale terriers two bitches who are sisters, They are extremely fun and loving, both very clever. They are great in all respects and with children. We love this breed, and they are good with people and other dogs.

Sarah and Catherine's two patterdales are pictured right.


Lynda Johnson (JRT/patterdale):
The JRT is naturally lively and full of energy but can be somewhat stubborn, by crossing with a slightly taller Patterdale who are generally more athletic and easier to train you get a fabulous mix. This does depend on the individual parents taking their temperaments and conformations in to account.

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