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Comments on the Patterdale:  Please read this first. 
We now have so many useful comments on this breed that they have spilled over onto three pages and this is plenty of information for prospective Patterdale owners to be getting on with. Regretfully I won't be able to publish any more comments in this section of the dog breeds directory.  Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences of the Patterdale terrier.  It's very much appreciated.

If you want to ask a question or ask for help you are welcome to join the forum and post in the Patterdale Chat category or the dog training category. 

Hi I bought Tia in November 2005 aged 18 months from an owner who mistreated her. When we went to see her she was the scruffiest most smelliest dog you could ever have the misfortune to come across but still (for some strange reason) I knew I had to have her.

The following February I was unlucky enough to become disabled from an injury to my spine and had to give up work. Since being at home full time Tia has become my little helper - she carries things for me, picks things up, fetches things and can now do a number of tricks (taught to her out of boredom) - sit-up /stand up / turn around / laydown / play dead - well the list goes on.... She has been my saviour - I would have cracked up by now if it wasn't for her.

I am now looking for a nice stud dog for her, preferably in the North West area if not we are prepared to travel for the right dog. Any ideas of where I would find a nice stud dog / breeder?

Jessica Lamb:
I have a 7 year old Patterdale, and what a fantastic dog. Very strong minded, but very very loving and loyal (obsessed with me), a sod with other Male dogs, fine with Bitches. A very clever little dog and I am very tempted to get another one when Harvey goes to Doggy Heaven, but am very worried the next one could be the same with Male Dogs, please advise are bitches better with other dogs ????
Pat comments: I have found that it depends on how well a puppy is socialised with other dogs and it makes no difference whether you have a dog or a bitch.  If a dog is entire it smells different to a dog that is neutered and some other dogs may react to this.  Jamie tries to get dominant with entire dogs but will play happily with any other dog.  If a dog is neutered in its second year or later it can have a bit of an edge to it and behave a bit more like an entire dog.   I have had a bitch that didn't particularly like other dogs but thoroughly enjoyed it when dogs that she knew well came to stay and when another bitch came to live with us.

Ronnie Soak:
Just rescued a 15 month old Paterdale called Jenny, and want to start her with
agility to work of some of her energy, Where do I start?
Pat: I get asked this question a lot so I've added a page to Agility Bits called How to get started in agility.

I have a springer spaniel she is ten years old and still active. One of my friends Patterdale Terriers is having puppies in April next year and I was thinking of having a girl. Do you think they would like each other?
Pat comments: It depends on how well the older dog would tolerate a small puppy.  The baby is going to be very lively and energetic and being a Patterdale it's going to have that extra bit of fizz.  Most adult dogs keep small puppies in check when they get a bit above themselves and start to get annoying so don't be surprised if the springer snaps at the puppy sometimes.  I would ask some of your dog loving friends what they think about it as they know your dog and they will probably know how well she gets on with other dogs. They might be able to take a more objective view than you can.

We've had Bobby for ten weeks now- he was 4 months old when he arrived and never been inside a house. He's more or less house-trained now but it's usually our fault for accidents. Fantastic with any other dog he meets on the beach but very very wary of humans- prefers women. Plays with a wide variety of toys and makes up games with them- like throwing his bone down the steps etc. So far has not eaten garden vegetables but likes lemon verbena!
We adopted Ebony last October and were told that she was an 18 month old cross Chihuahua / Miniature Pinscher. She had been badly treated in her previous home and was very frightened of most situations ie being stroked, the hoover, being bathed, eating etc etc. Now 8 months latter we have a confident, out going friendly lively wonderful dog with huge amounts of energy and fun. We have 2 children aged 8 and 5, they have such a wonderful relationship with her. She does a loop the loop when they come in from school and the same when their Dad gets in from work. She loves us all being together and really doesn't like anyone getting upset. She is a great footballer and a fantastic retriever, she runs with greyhounds in the park and has so much energy and never needs a drink after running for 1 - 2 hours! We take her to the beach where we will easily spend 4-5 hours walking and rock pooling she joins in and loves to dig holes in the sand then goes to find a piece of kelp, comes back to her hole and plants the piece of kelp, she will do this until she has planted what looks like a small garden! We have had a lab in the past who was a wonderful companion, but Ebony has stolen our hearts. We still have house training problems but she is getting better, she is so chilled out at home you wouldn't think she was the same dog when she is in the park or the country side. I only found out this week from a dog walker that she was a Patterdale and having read all that I have found so far on the internet I am so pleased to be able to learn more about her and understand her.

I needed a companion for my Ella (Beagle cross),Who loves to hunt and explore so when my friends dad came to work with his new dog a Patterdale Terrier I knew I must have one for my Ella.     Bobbie arrived 3 weeks ago at 8 weeks old,and words can not describe how much I have fallen in love with him. He's brought a new lease of life into Ella too. He's hard work though,Clever,loving,strong willed,playful,the dream dog.

Skipper is 2 and a half.  The half had made all the difference.  He has calmed down a lot.  He is brillant with the children.  Has stopped eating the furniture.  He is very intelligent and will follow commands.  He doesn't like Labradors at all, but loves spainiels.  

I've had Sparky since he was 8 weeks old - he was advertised in a local paper with six of his siblings and to be honest I'd never heard of the breed. Two years later and I cannot imagine life without him. Full of energy, intelligent, affectionate, loyal, patient and just soooo much fun. He sticks to me like glue and if out of my sight for an hour or more he goes wild upon seeing me again. A very strong prey drive - regularly supplies me with pheasants and is wild about Rabbits; mention the 'R' word and he cocks his head to one side and dares you to say it again then bolts for the front door. Most of all, he is just so funny and so wise. There are simply not enough superlatives to describe my Patterdale.

Gill Stockport
Patch(Kennel name..Noise Machine)
Through this little monster I have found the fantastic sport of agility. Patch came into my life 8 years ago from his little cell on death row. He had been through four homes in his first 16 months . `Although I had been used to terriers I had not had one like this! I was encouraged to try and use his brain by working him. Agility was suggested and that is how it all began. Although I have become the butt of many jokes in the north west as I retrieved my dog from judges tents , pet shops and many other things at the north west shows . He last year finally got me into Novice ( grade 3) but along the way he has taught me so much about dog training and given me so much fun. All I can say they are not dogs for novices.

Baby Bear (Patterdale cross border terrier):
 We got "Ness" when she was 12 weeks old.  She was timid when she arrived, but soon came out of her shell.  We already had a one year old Jack Russell at the time, and Ness loved chasing her around the garden.  She does tend to try take on the role of leader, but our Jack Russell is pretty laid back, so she just goes with the flow. We had a few accidents when house training her, such as several pairs of shoes that I can no longer wear ! Toilet training was an ordeal, but by the time she was 6 months she had mastered it.  She is a lovely dog and am glad we decided on a patterdale, although she can get a bit mischievous at times. It only takes a stern word and she's very apologetic.   

Ronnie Soak:
I have a 10 year old Pattie called Jake - and I would not say that he was easy to train - he was (and still is) belligerent, and very opinionated. Having said that, he has been a fantastic dog with the two children, and a wonderful walking companion. Agility training was tried, but Jake decided that I was not good enough, so we stopped going."
Pat comments: Agility doesn't suit everyone and there are times when Jamie has said (in dog language) that I'm a load of old rubbish.  If you feel inclined you can do other activities but sometimes just having a great dog to walk with is everything you need.

Well, I got Millie (Patterdale, 1 year old) from a pound after my spaniel died last year and my feet haven't touched the ground since! She is small, black and spiky haired, with the cutest face you ever saw and an unbelievably cheeky personality. She has been a huge challenge to train/tame, and this will have to continue throughout her life as she needs constantly reminding of her manners! She behaves well in the house (save a few teddies she has unstuffed!), loves her toys and is constantly wanting to play with everyone. Outside she is more challenging, although I am lucky that I am able to run her off the lead (her recall is amazing!) as long as there aren't too many dogs or distractions, but her tolerance of other dogs isn't great and I have to be on my guard constantly. I would recommend anyone who loves to be out and about, loves to have fun and play go get a Patterdale, but if you're a couch potato who likes a lapdog who exists in the background, stay away - these little dogs need, and deserve, active, engaged owners who understand them and are prepared to put the effort in to get the best from them. A

We have just bought my Mum and Dad a patterdale after they lost their shy retiring mongrel bitch Elsa. Beni as he is known, is the loveliest, cheekiest, most energetic dog I have ever come across. We take him down the woods 4 times a week with my 11yr old staffy, whose life has been re-awakened by this little black curly haired cutey. You're right though they are finding it difficult house training him so any suggestions welcome. Also I would like to know if they hold meetings taking them working as both his parents were champion ratters, and I'd like to give him the opportunity to do what he is built for.
Hi Lorraine.  Have a look at Darron's website on Patterdales as there is a forum devoted to them.  Someone may be able to help with ratting.  Otherwise, agility provides an excellent activity for working dogs that need to channel their energy.   You may be also able to devise some hunting games to keep your dog occupied, but be aware that dogs that develop a strong hunting instinct can be a bit difficult to control when all you want is a walk.  Retrievers are easier!  I just give Jamie things to fetch and carry and find during the day and it seems to satisfy his natural retrieving instincts.

After years of owning English Bull's which I still love as a breed, our last bitch Patsty died last year. After months of saying never again after all the heart ache and the tie of just being a dog owner, I just got the want again of a canine friend. I knew the breed as a friend had one and liked the feisty terrier. However, we saw him, loved him, bought him. I thought englishes were intelligent but he shows me what a bright do is all about. Apart from only being 14 wks now he (Bill by the way) is the most intelligent dog I've ever seen but also the most belligerent and defiant dog to train. Can you imagine a puppy growling and arguing back saying NO!!! to you after an hour walk when you say, "Lead time to go home?" Then once back in the house he's so sociable it's surreal. If Carlsberg made puppies and life long friends it would be a patterdale. While typing this he is at my feet ready for bed. In five or six hours he will be growling and wanting breakfast. They are mental and feisty but love every bit of life. Saying this after only having him six weeks shows how much of a character these dogs can be, buy one, they will try you with there defiance and arrogance, but can show great affection ? Well and also try your patience. So quick to learn and love. But maybe not to know their place, as they  think they're better than that. Best dog I've owned. Good luck if you buy one.

I have just got my first patterdale and any help with house training would be very helpful.
Hi Ellie.  You are very welcome to join the forum and ask about house training.  In my experience this has  varied with different breeds and with different dogs.  Corgis seemed to be quite difficult but my mother's cocker seemed to understand almost from the start that the garden was the place to go.  If you have a puppy then you need to be very quick to get him into the garden straight after a meal.  Give lots of praise for doing it outside and clean up quickly indoors.  Use a strong pet deodorant to mask the smell of any urine or pooh.  

My patterdale is very funny. Once she jumped in the pond and climbed a gate. As I am a girl my brother says dogs are for boys and cats are for girls but as soon as I saw Dizzy my patterdale terrier I fell in love with her. Anyway, I hate cats.

 I have two stunning pats  Both are doing Flyball and have done competitive obedience with them and got into the rosettes.  Fantastic housedogs, have endless energy but need patience to train.  My older Patterdale is a red grizzle and has achieved his Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold standard.  My Black smooth has a tendancy to be a bit of a space cadet but can work really well when he concentrates.

Dan, Bedfordshire:
Originally (and still) a great lover of greyhounds, but two days after our baby son Zak was born 19.08.2006 our greyhound 'Mylo' showed great jealousy resulting in him trying to attack him on a few occasions leaving us with no choice but to place him at a greyhound rescue centre in Lincolnshire. After months of hurt I finally felt that I was ready for a new best friend and at Christmas we found ourselves a beautiful little Patterdale.  I will admit that it took a good few months before I achieved any obedience or house training but finally 'Magic' is just about there and he is always by my side and always ecstatic to see me when I get back from work. He is also the latest addition to my fishing trips  as naturally he loves being in the wild. He respects me that much that he even protected me when me and my other half had a bad argument recently. Basically given the patience and the right home a Patterdale terrier is a very loyal dog and well worth the extreme effort and attention to become a great dog. I don't know what I'd do without him.

Claudie (Patterdale Jack Russell cross):
Two years ago we adopted Jack, who is going to be 9.  He is a quick learner to new rules. He is very agile and loves getting his prey i.e. next door guinea pig.  He is full of energy in the morning when he gets up.  At 9pm he puts himself to bed. We do not know why?  but he is a fighter with other dogs.  We cannot leave him off the lead in public area.  He has buried himself and needed the fire brigade to dig him out.  He can dig a hole in no time at all, as big as his own body.  He is a sun worshiper. He is a comi-chef in the kitchen as soon as the food is being prepared, he loves carrots and apples.  He is very patient and he can sit for hours by the oven door waiting for the roast to come out. He loves children.  He is very clean and independent.  He makes himself loved by everyone.  He still looks like a puppy.  So we do not know how much of the Patterdale characteristics are and the Jack Russell. But we are pleased we got him.

I'd suggest a border collie they're amazing at agility. 
(Matt finds his patterdale cross a bit difficult to train.)

Well Patterdale terriers are clever.  They are very strong dogs.  They always are ready to go out and walk and catch their prey.

Andy (Rocco's dad):
Rocco is a little Patterdale whom is loved by everyone in our area. He has incessant exhilarating energy when outside, but can unwind almost instantly in the home. He loves to please and thrives on the attention whilst he does it. Although just turned 1, he seems to have out grown the crazy puppy phase and is obedient to his master. Watching him scurry around the forest and fields, he follows his precise nose, pursuing distinctive smells ranging from an old crisp packet, to a squirrel sitting on the highest branch of an old acorn tree. Itís fascinating watching the real Patterdale come out in this confident, intelligent little dog. Keeping the dog active is a must and you have to respect the fact they are blessed with this endless energy.  I have absolutely no doubt that if anyone was considering taking on one of these incredible terriers for the right reasons, they will not be disappointed.

Dylan is a Patterdale that I took on as a rescue dog. He has boundless energy and runs a couple of times a week with me. This is normally between 6 - 10 miles each time. As soon as I put on my running kit he freaks out with excitement (more so than if we were going for a walk). When I'm exhausted at the end of a run he doesn't even go to his water bowl and looks at me as if to say, "Is that the best you can do ? ". He has been running a few years now but I'm thinking about starting agility classes to challenge his brain more - although I know it will be a battle of wills between us both. Ideal running partner if kept on the lead - off he may just disappear after a squirrel or a cat !   

Martin S:
We bought "Daisy" as a family pet, we had been looking for a dog at the local rescue center however they would not give us a rescue dog as our daughter was 7 months old and they did not have any puppies.  A quick look on Adtrader resulted in an 80 mile round trip to a farm in deepest Ayrshire and a wee black dug being purchased.  We had researched the breed as much as possible on the internet and understood that she would be a busy wee dog however this was one of the reasons we got her, now 8 months later she is a great wee dog who is well socialised and learns very quickly and gets on well with our 1 year old daughter.  She has an abundance of energy and walk her as much as possible and I am now looking to start her on agility to focus her more.

Paula (Patterdale x Border terrier):
"Jack is a rescue dog from the Dog's Trust.  I decided that agility would focus the terrier energy."

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