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Boxers are strong and lively dogs and if you're considering this breed you'll need to be energetic to keep up with their wonderful exuberance.  They are quite big dogs.  For the boys the height is 57 to 63cms and the weight is about 30 to 32kgs.  For the girls the height is 53 to 58cm and the weight is 25 to 27kgs.

The breed is often described as being distrustful of strangers but as with all dogs a lot depends on their early training and experience.  Most of the boxers I've known have been friendly and outgoing and I can only think of one that was wary of people he didn't know.  Generally they are loyal and biddable but they are very strong. They do need careful training but well trained boxer makes a lovely companion.

They need a fair amount of exercise so if you want a boxer puppy you'll need to make sure that you can devote enough time to go hiking about the countryside in all weathers.

One good thing about the boxer is the short dense coat which makes them easy to groom, although you have to try and keep them still for long enough first.  

The energy of this breed makes them fun dogs to run in agility classes.  Their jumping style is quite different to a collie but their enthusiasm is second to none.   People who have boxers and love them will often stay with that breed forever and will sing their praises to everyone. 



I have 1 fawn 1 year old boxer I am training for agility now and he loves it and he can already jump 3 foot 2 he is very active.
Pat Comments: Jamie please don't jump your dog over three foot jumps as it will damage his joints.  The maximum he will have to jump is 65cm which is just over 2 foot.  He needs to get used to doing much smaller jumps at first and he needs to learn to do them in a sequence.  The idea of agility isn't how high a dog can jump but how well they can negotiate a course of jumps without knocking down any poles or going the wrong way.  You really will hurt him if you ask him to jump too high but it won't show until he's older.


I have two boxers, both of them are trained in the three main UK disciplines, Breed, Obedience and Agility. My puppy has just started her basic agility training but my older dog has done a fair bit for quite a while - not competition standard but that's down to me not her! A joy to own and have been for myself and family for the last 21 years - would never have another breed now!!

Ann-Marie (Staffie/Boxer)

 Very active keen learner! Loves agility and obedience training sessions. Diverts his energy into something more positive, keeping him out of trouble!

Kandy Dumm:

 I have 2 white boxers, they are quite good at agility, I my girl is frost bite and my boy is jack. Jack is lightning fast, but frost bite is a poke along. but she gets the job done. They are a joy and put up with a lot from my cattle dog and my kids. They are great with kids.


Boxer dogs are very good at jumping. I know this because I have got one of my own called Max and he loves to jump.


Boxers are known for their sense of humour, it can appear anytime, anyplace, anywhere!  Like when you start your run but the Boxer is admiring his audience. They are also known for their enthusiasm, and when they're enthusiastic about something there is no stopping them. Can compete with Collies!!!!



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