Getting in Ttouch

with your dog

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Getting in TTouch With Your Dog
by Linda Tellington-Jones

This extremely useful book is a must for agility people.  I have used some of the ttouches to help focus Jamie before he goes into the ring and to relax him.  It does seem to help. The book is very hands-on and describes twenty two ttouches in detail. A number of specific health and behavioural problems are covered, including itchy dogs, excessive barking, aggression, nervousness, fear of loud noises, hyperactivity and  many more.

There is a chapter on leading exercises and also a chapter on the confidence course, which helps the dog to focus and listen.  This is especially useful for agility dogs. Before I read this book Jamie was dreadful puller on the lead.  He even pulled me off my feet on one or two occasions.  I was reluctant to make him walk to heel in case he wouldn't work ahead in agility.  The Linda Tellington-Jones no force approach showed me how to use the lead as a balance leash and it was like waving a magic wand.  It's the fastest, kindest instant cure I've ever seen.
Home > Shop > Books > Getting in ttouch with your dog