Martin Clunes
A Dog's Life

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"A dog's life," is a brilliant read and it kept me out of mischief for some time.  In this recent publication, Martin Clunes shares his love of dogs and the joy of discovery about their lives.  

In the opening chapters he introduces us to the Clunes' family dogs, Mary and Tina, the cocker spaniels and Arthur the black labrador.  As their story unfolds we learn about the terrible problem his family had with Mary and Tina.  The two dogs simply didn't get on and as the tensions increased between them they began to fight.  As the fights became more and more serious, Martin and his family knew that the situation couldn't go on.  A number of behaviourists were called in to help and various training methods were tried.  The Clunes family tried everything they possibly could to put an end to the war between the spaniels. 

Meanwhile Martin set out on a quest to learn all about dogs and their behaviour and origins.  He journeyed around the world to learn about species such as the African hunting dog and the dingo.  He also went to Yellowstone Park to see the native wolves, and he followed this up with a visit to the astonishing Shaun Ellis who keeps wolves at Combe Martin in Devon.   He delves into the lives and behaviour of dogs that work, such as sled dogs, sheepdogs and ratters and also dogs that are bred for the show ring.  

Throughout his quest he tells the story of Mary and Tina and as the book nears the end we hear how the problem was eventually resolved.

I'd recommend this as a good read for anyone who is interested in dogs and it would make a super present.  It's published by Hodder and Stoughton and is available from booksellers or from Amazon. 

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