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Jumping Fom A to Z - Teach Your Dog to Soar
by Christine Zink and Julie Daniels




This book was godsend to me.  At one time Jamie was the biggest pole knocker you could ever wish to meet.  I should have called him demolition dog.  We went through the whole of his first year of competition with only one clear round rosette in elementary. Then I bought "Jumping from A to Z - Teach your dog to soar."  The book takes you through canine anatomy and mechanics to a complete jump training program.  This starts with foundation exercises, which are useful for youngsters or dogs that have lost confidence, and continues through to advanced techniques and power jumping.   There are chapters on, puppies, conditioning, jumping for obedience, flyball and agility.  The final chapter is devoted to jumping problems.  

I'm happy to report that within a few months Jamie got his first clear round in starters agility and gained twelfth place in a class of 163 dogs.  He has rarely knocked a pole since.

Home > Shop > Books > Jumping from A to Z