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I'm not a wealthy person who can afford to have a spare field standing about full of expensive agility equipment.  Far from it.  I worked hard to find a little bit of rough land about the size of the average small garden where I could practice agility.  It was so rough that no-one in their right mind would want to use it.  I did. (You can draw your own conclusions from that).  Over a period of nearly thirty years I've toiled and dug and moved huge boulders.  I've cleared rocks, nettles, brambles the lot.  I've made trips to the dump with old wire netting, bedsteads, broken glass and endless household rubbish.  At first I grew veg, and then I discovered agility.  My little plot is now home to six jumps, a garden dogwalk, a weave and a long jump.  I've made some of the equipment myself for next to nothing.  "The plot" is too small to use everything at the same time but it serves its purpose.
Pictured above is me with Jamie and our first ever clear round rosette.

Jamie was a flat coated retriever cross and he was my first agility dog.  He was a rescue dog and was so aggressive I didn't dare take him to a show for a long time. I was  scared  he'd bite the judge.  Eventually he became less  aggressive and happier around people and I was able to start competing with him.   He had many years of competition and ended up with a pile of rosettes and a medal and a couple of trophies.   Sadly we lost Jamie in 2012 at the ripe old age of fifteen.  A couple of days before he died he still wanted to join in with a bit of agility and he enjoyed trotting over some poles on the ground.  Run free Jamie until we meet again at the rainbow bridge.  

Sasha's our gorgeous border collie girlie who came to live with us at the beginning of June 2007.  She loves agility and I can't believe how lucky we were to find her.  She was advertised for rehoming in local paper in Plymouth.  Luckily  the ad went onto the internet and I saw it. She's a very OTT sort of collie who goes tearing off over the jumps and then wonders why I can't keep up with her.  When she's good she's very very good and when she's bad we have a lot of fun and provide plenty of entertainment for everyone. 


 Jilly is our gorgeous springer collie cross who has already started winning at fun dog shows.  When she isn't posing she seems to be permanently in trouble over something.  She's always either covered in dirt or poo or mud, or getting chased by something that she thought she could bark at. 

She looks like a little angel on four paws and we're hoping she'll get to love agility as much as our other dogs.  She certainly seems to like coming to shows and going to her training classes. 

Jilly will also be competing at rally obedience from the time she's six months old.  She enjoys our little training sessions and gets on well with all the rally exercises. 


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