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About us at Agility Bits and what we're doing

Jilly and Sasha at Pencarrow House



Pat and Jilly at a show

Agility Bits was started by me when I heard people saying they couldn't afford expensive agility equipment and I said I made my own.  It started as a few pages of instructions for some jumps and a dodgy weave made out of bits of strapping from the DIY shop.  There was also a peculiar looking dog walk and a tyre that was a real motorbike tyre. The whole lot lived on a little bit of land that I liberated in 1984 when no-one else wanted it.  It is only a little bit of land but we still use it and I can do some useful training on 'The Plot.'  The equipment has changed quite a bit since those days.

My Dogs

I have two dogs.  Sasha has retired from any competition but she does a little bit of hoopers now and again. She loves it.  She did any size classes for a while after she retired but then she decided it was a bit too much for her. 

 Here's Sasha in 2016 winning a lower height option jumping class.

Sasha winning a jumping class


This is Jilly, a collie springer cross who currently competes at grade 3.  I choose the lower height option for her as soon as it was available and now she competes as an intermediate dog.

Jilly competing in a jumping class


One of the dogs' favourite places is the beach but they also love going where there are lovely green fields to run about in and play or up on the downs.


Our lives aren't all about agility though.   Agility can take a fair bit of time as I'm the treasurer of Cornwall Agility Club but we have trained and competed at rally and at Wag It Games.  The trouble is we live in Cornwall and there are no rally competitions within 100 miles of us.  We have nowhere to test our rally skills so we may test them in some online competitions.

Jilly has learned some of the disciplines in Wag It Games.  These are very varied and can be quite complex.  We have competed in several video trials which cover the shadow skills section.  We have had to learn a series of complex moves with Jilly working on both sides of me (unlike obedience or rally.)  It's quite different to anything we have in the UK and I will be setting up a Wag It Games section on the site.  Jilly has been very successful in her trials and she loves the training.  Sasha does a little Wag It Games at home as they are brilliant for older dogs. I believe working with your dogs like this is key to building up a great partnership.  It's great fun and very varied.  You will never ever be bored and neither will your dogs.  Have fun.

Just a little note at the end.  Up until July 2018 I was hugely supported by my husband Bernie who was also on the committee of Cornwall Agility Club.  Sadly he passed away in 2018 and we all miss him so much.  Thank you Bernie.

Bernie at a show