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I was searching on Youtube to see if I could find some really useful video clips for people who are just starting out in agility.  The clips shown here are excellent for anyone who is about to start training and I think they'll also be interesting and useful to people who are more experienced.  I'll include more clips as I come across them but for now just have a look at these. 


Beginners please watch this before you start

Looking forward to classes can be really exciting and I'm sure you're counting down the days until your first lesson.  If you haven't managed to book into any lessons and you think you might have a long wait there's still a lot you can do at home to get started. 

First of all I think you should watch this video.  I've included it here because it's one of the best clips I've seen for beginners.  It shows you what things look like from your dog's point of view and gives a good introduction to teaching your dog to become familiar with agility obstacles. This trainer talks a very good deal of sense.  Please listen to her.

Weave Entries


Hands up everyone who hasn't ever had a problem with weave pole entries.  If you're starting agility this is something that it pays to learn and to learn really well.  You'll beat the opposition hands down if you can sure that your dog will do a good weave every time.  Jamie is pretty solid on this but Sasha really needs much more training.

This clip gives an introduction to weave pole entries.  It's very well explained and it shows the focal point of the dog when entering from the right and from the left hand side of the poles.

Targeted weave entry


This clip shows a targeted method of teaching the dog a correct weave entry.  I'm going to try it with Sasha and I know she'll love it as it involves plenty of titbits. 

I am also using this method of training the weave entry with Jilly.  She didn't take to the modern method of 2 x 2 and because two trainers had advised me to train her for front crosses using an upright pole she was very confused about the weave entry.  Proofing the weave entry for Jilly will now take a long time I'm sure that given time Jilly will be as good a weaver as Sasha and Jamie. 



Two on two off contacts


Here's something anyone can teach at home using just a short length of board and plenty of treats.  It's ideal for dogs that have just begun training and for more experienced dogs that need more training on the contacts. 

This training is very gentle on the dog's body and can also be used for young dogs that aren't old enough to start training properly yet. 

It's the first time I've ever seen anyone recommend treating in the way that's shown in the clip and it makes good sense.


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