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How much do you need to spend on a puppy?

In our case quite a lot but then I did save up for the spending spree and the Council Tax was less than I expected.  To be honest I haven't added up the exact cost and it's probably best not to .  Now, down to business.

Our new little puppy is called Jilly.  At the time of writing we haven't collected her from the breeder.  We're parents in waiting.

Here's Jilly's litter mates at three and a half weeks old.  They're springer collie crosses from an accidental mating. Gorgeous aren't they?   Mum had ten puppies and the vet has advised that the first ones had to go at six weeks.  Mum is feeding them regularly at this age although they have already started to eat solids.





And here they all are again at five and a half weeks.  Mum is hardly feeding them at all now and they are eating good quality puppy food damped down with a little warm water.  Their poo is bigger and they're much more inquisitive.  The first one will soon be leaving.

Here's Jilly at five and half weeks.  She looks a little dear and has already gone right off the cutie scale. She has no idea of the massive amount of preparation  we have done in order to look after her properly.  In the picture on the right Jilly is the one in front sniffing the ground.


And so to prepare for a new puppy.  I haven't had such a small puppy of my own since I was a child but I have had experience of looking after working sheepdog puppies on a farm and I know what they can get up to.  I also know how big the hole has to be for them to escape and it's surprisingly small!

If you weren't thinking of getting a puppy but this page has made you broody have a look at this.

Here's what we've bought for the new puppy  (so far!)

As you probably know, getting a puppy isn't cheap.  I needed to save up quite a bit before I went looking and I looked around on the internet for lists of things you need for new puppies.  Some of it may not be necessary but if you haven't got it you're bound to need it. Here's some useful puppy items that I've picked up at a reasonable cost. 

In the next few days I'll also publish a page on how I earned the extra income needed to buy all this and buy the puppy too!  I did it all on the internet so it could be useful if you have time but no money.



I bought two pillows and a blanket from Asda for less than 6.  You can always go to charity shops for bits of bedding.

Dog Carrier

I bought this from Petplanet in their sale.  It will double up as a cage for indoors and I can use it to take Jilly along to Sasha's rally obedience classes.  One pillow just fits inside nicely.I paid 14.99

Kong Teething Stick

This came from petplanet as well.  It will give Jilly something to chew on.  I bought it from Petplanet for 3.99.


This keeps puppies dry if there's a little accident.  It's easy to wash and dry.  I paid 3.39.


Small dog bed

This is for daytime use.  Puppies are active for a little while but then they suddenly go off to sleep and they need a nice warm little bed to snuggle in for a nap.
I paid 5.



This will keep Jilly safe if we go out of the room.  It will also be a little haven for her and it will give Sasha a rest from time to time.  When it outlives it's usefulness I'll put it round the flower bed to stop the dogs digging up cat poo and eating it.  I paid 13.99


Self heating pad

Puppies need to be kept warm and it isn't always easy to fill a hot water bottle.  The pad will warm up with Jilly's own body heat and then stay warm.  I bought a medium sized one from Amazon for 9.99.



I've been buying these as I come across them.  Our local pet shop has a bargain bin so I bought a couple of little things to keep Jilly amused.  She'll soon grow out of them!

Collar and Lead

Measure the puppy's neck for a collar and buy one a bit bigger.  I bought the collar in our local garden centre for 1 and a training lead in Pets at Home for 3.

Food bowl

Any little non chewable bowl will do until puppy gets older.  I already had a little Beko bowl which will be perfect for Jilly.

It doesn't end there!

No it doesn't.  We also have to stock up on puppy food and treats and make sure the garden is secure.  We'll also need carpet deodorant and carpet cleaner plus a goodly supply of newspapers for toilet training.

There's also the Kennel Club registration.  Jilly will be registered on the Kennel Club Activity register.  This costs 15 and I shall do it straight away so that the breeder can sign the forms.  If you don't know who bred your dog he or she will be registered as parents unknown.  I'm sure it won't stop there.  As Jilly grows up she'll need more adult things and a bigger bed! 

Jilly will be deflead and wormed when we pick her up but all puppies need to be booked in for their vaccinations when they are eight weeks old.  Hopefully Jilly will see our favourite vet Nicky.  Nicky breeds the most adorable chocolate labradors so we may linger a little longer than strictly necessary if she gets to see her. 

Jilly will also be booked into the vets' puppy classes.  These are intended to educate puppy owners and to help puppies to get to know each other and have a little play with dogs they don't know.  It will also help the puppies to get used to going to the vet so that they won't need to be dragged in when they're older.

When Jilly is a little older she will go to local puppy classes to help her grow into a well behaved sociable dog that likes other dogs and people. 

Pre agility training

Can't do anything with a puppy?  Oh yes you can!  Jilly's "training" will start as soon as she's settled in with us.  She'll learn to walk on different surfaces and will have clambering exercises.  Puppy's need exercise other than walking in a straight line to help their limbs to develop and become flexible.   Jilly will also play on the wobble board to get her used to things that move under her feet  and stop her being afraid of the see-saw when she grows up.  She'll use a cardboard box for a tunnel and when she's old enough she'll chase toys through padded jump wings.

I have already asked if she can go to a special pre agility class in September when she'll be 7 months old! 

There's nothing like being prepared.  When Jilly comes home I'll publish an entertaining diary of progress and that should be great fun.


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