The tale of the
paddling pool

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So I slogged down to town in boiling hot weather, parked the car in a boiling hot car park and trudged down to Argos to buy a paddling pool. 
I carted the thing all the way back again and brought it home in triumph. 

I put a small amount of water in first of all and called the dogs. I should have known better.

Sasha took one look and ran away and Jamie thought it was a giant dog bowl.  On day two I took to throwing bits of kibble in the pool to get Sasha interested.  The greedy pig eventually got the kibble but didn't get in the pool.  Oh well, the sun's gone in now!

Sasha might be a bit of a wimp when it comes to anything new but lots of people find a paddling pool is a good idea for cooling their dogs down in hot weather.  If you want to try one for your dogs the cheapest I found was in Argos and Jamie can just about get in it.  There are more expensive versions specially made for dogs or you can use a dog bath as a pool.


Karlie Doggy Pool
The Karlie Doggy Pool is the perfect summer accessory for keeping dogs cool. Ideal for small or larger dogs, this Doggy Pool is simply to assemble in a matter of minutes, and does not need to be inflated. Made from a strong and robust material, the pool is easy to clean and features an anti-slip floor coating. This pool can be erected into a circular or rectangular shape, making it ideal for use on terraces, balconies or in gardens. Also includes a practical water drainage valve.



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