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One of the most useful things you can teach a dog is the instant sit. You can use it in all kinds of situations but the one where it is really essential is when your dog is about to run into danger. Just being able to stop your dog with a "Sit" is a very valuable lesson indeed. To start with you are going to need some tasty treats and a bit of patience. The object of the training is to get your dog understand that when you say "Sit" he must put his bottom on the floor. Yes, I know it sounds obvious but I do hear so many people saying "Sit....sit...sit...sit." How many times are they going to say it before the dog sits?


Now, the easy way to teach the sit is to keep an eye on your dog from time to time and when he or she is about to sit you say "SiT." As soon as the bottom touches the floor you say "Gooood dog" in a really pleased tone of voice and offer a titbit. Believe it or not this method does actually work. It might take a little while for the penny to drop depending on the dog, but sooner or later the dog will make the association between the "SiT" and the action of sitting. Dogs being dogs they are in it for themselves and if they get something to eat for doing what comes naturally they will repeat it again and again.  (The capital "T" isn't a typing error.  You need to pronounce the "T" in "SiT".)


Another way to teach the sit is to use more tasty titbits but this time you are going to hold a titbit in your hand and move your hand over the dog's head. He or she will have to look up to see the titbit. Move your hand just a little further back and say "SiT" and your dog should sit. They do this simply to get a better view of the titbit. It's actually easier to sit and look up at it than to walk backwards. When you say "SiT make sure that you pronounce the "T". Don't shout at the dog but make it sound exciting. The trick with this and with all training is that in the split second that the dog does what you want you need to dive in with the praise and reward.

I've got Jamie's attention

           He's looking up and going nicely
           into the sit.

When his bottom's on the ground.....

He gets praise and a titbit

Home > Training > Sit