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Just a note: Most of the training on these pages and on the website relates to my dogs and the way I train them.  I have helped out with obedience classes and I always think we can learn something from everyone who trains a dog.  Unfortunately I can't advise on behavioural problems.  If you are having trouble with your dog your best course is to contact a local trainer who can be there to help you.  Good luck.  Pat 

Training Jilly
Jilly has her own little training section as she's a puppy and she needs to be trained differently to a fully grown and mature dog.  We're following the Susan Salo method for foundation work for jumping and it'sproving to be interesting.

Ketschker Turns
I took Sasha out to teach her (and me) the Ketscher turn.  This is one of the moves that is popular in Germany and in other parts of Europe. 

Blowing the whistle
Whistles are often used at shows during games classes or to start classes. It's easy to teach a dog to get used to the sound.  Here's how we did it.

Rally obedience
Rally obedience can really benefit an agility dog and will improve your overall handling in control.  The running of the sport is in the process of being transferred from the Association of pet Dog trainers to the Kennel Club.

Starting Agility
Here are some really useful video clips for people who are just starting out in dog agility.  The clips on this page are excellent for anyone who is about to start training and I think they'll also be interesting and useful to people who are more experienced.

A Sort of Flyball
Here's a lovely game with a toy and four low jumps.  We're not quite flyball champions.....yet. 

Leg Weaving
We've had some fun doing leg weaving and figure of eight. There wasn't any music and we aren't very elegant but we enjoyed ourelves.  I've updated the page to show how Sasha got on with the same training.

Problem Solving
Here's a couple of common problems that we've managed to solve.  Biting and wait at the start. 

Agility Heelwork
Agility heelwork is adapted from obedience heelwork and it's a great way to get control.  It's also a great way to get knackered as there's a lot of running to do.

Watch Me
Do you have problems getting your dog's attention when you get to the ring?  I do. Here's a start routine that helps us.

Good teamwork
This is what we're all aiming for and this video clip from the World Championships demonstrates what it's like to have a perfect partnership. 

Basic Dog Training - The Sit
Before you can start agility you need a basic level of obedience.  This will help you enormously when you begin your training.  We'll start the basic obedience with the sit.   Once you can sit we'll try it with a dog.  (Sorry, I just couldn't resist that one.) 

Basic Dog Training - The Recall
This lesson is for puppies and dogs that haven't been trained before.  It covers the basic training in way that is kind and easy. 

More help for people with difficult dogs
This ebook is aimed at people who have puppies, however, there is a lot in it that will help you to understand positive training.  There is a particularly interesting section on page 123 about training on walks.  Ian Dunbar claims that you can mend your dog's ways on a single walk.  Read on.

Pulling Dogs
Agility Bits has published a free online ebook which will give you some ideas on how to stop a dog from pulling dog.

Pulling Dogs
A pulling dog can be a nightmare to take for a walk.  Here's an easy no fuss method of training that may help with a puller.

Road testing the Halti harness
I've been threatening to get one of these for ages.  Now that I've forked out for it you can read the road test.  It could be the answer for your pulling dog.

Road testing the Easy Walk harness
A lot of dogs pull on the lead and Sasha was no exception.  We stopped the problem with an Easy Walk training harness. 

Lead shy dogs
Some dogs won't walk on the lead at all.  Here's a quick and kind way to teach them with no fuss and no yanking on the lead.

Agility Classes
Do you live in Cornwall?  Do you want to start agility training?  This could be just right for you.