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Here's our new little dog.  Jilly is a springer collie cross and she's just seven and a half weeks old.  She was born and bred on a farm so she has to get used to living in a house.  We brought her home in a fabric carrier.  Sasha looked horrified when we put her in the car.

"What's that?"

"It's Jilly.  You've met her before."

"Oh no.  You've put it in the car. Where are you going to dump it?

"We're not dumping her, she's coming home with us."

"She's WHAT?"

"She's coming home with us.  Get used to it."


All was forgiven when we got home.  Jilly didn't want to venture from the safety of the carrier and Sasha got a new toy.

It's early days yet and Jilly still won't come out of the carrier all by herself but she's eating well and has had a wee wee on the floor and then a long drink. I thought it was supposed to be the other way round!

When she's settled in with us she'll go to the vet for her inoculation and in two weeks time she'll have the final jab.  A week later and she can go out for little walks.

She'll also go to the vets' puppy classes and when she graduates from there she'll go to baby classes with Sasha's rally obedience trainer.

Once she's found her feet and is confident in the house and garden she'll start some puppy agility training.  I'll make tunnels from cardboard boxes and she can clamber over things.  She'll learn to walk on the dog ramp laid flat on the floor and then on a little slope.  The idea of this is to get her used to it in case she ever needs it when she grows up.  She'll learn to walk on different surfaces.  When she's older she can drive through padded jump wings after a toy but that's in the future.  For now she's a little puppy and needs play and sleep. 

She won't go to any shows until she's four months old at the beginning of June.  The Kennel Club rules forbid younger puppies being taken to shows.  What she can do though is to come along to the showground the day before the club show.  Here she'll meet a few of the members and see a real agility ring.  She'll watch Sasha do a fun run and if she's confident enough she'll trot round the ring on a lead.  She'll meet some of the dogs and learn to sit next to the ring.  For me this is the ideal introduction to shows for a young puppy.  They don't have to stay for hours, there's lots of fun and a relaxed atmosphere and it's quieter and less intimidating than a show. 

As Jilly grows I'll write little blog of her training and development and we'll see how she does as an agility dog when she's old enough and has had enough training.  For all I know she might not like agility.  Not every dog lives for it.  If it's clear that she doesn't enjoy it we'll try her with different activities until she finds her niche.


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Home > Other Agility Bits > Meet Jilly