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The Halti Harness - Road tested on Jamie and found to work well.

I'd been threatening to get Jamie a Halti harness for some time.   Not that he pulls all the time, but when we go out for a walk he does have a tendency to pull me down the hill when we first start off.  He never pulls uphill.  Well he wouldn't would he?  Anyway, I ordered the harness from Pet Planet as I couldn't buy one locally.  I've used their shop illustration to show you what it's like as you wouldn't be able to see the harness against Jamie's black coat.  They despatched it very quickly and the service I've received from them when ordering other items has been excellent.

There are several ways in which to adjust the Halti harness so that it fits properly.   There is a booklet enclosed booklet for those who read instructions first.  I'm too impatient for that. 

The Halti harness works on the same principle as my quick method where you just put the lead round the dog's chest and use gentle pressure to stop the pulling.  (see Pulling on the lead) It does work very well but I think it's really important to make sure that your dog doesn't just have a walk on the harness every day.  They need to be able to let off steam with a good run or at least have a good wander and a sniff without any restrictions.  In my experience dogs can get frustrated if they're kept under too much control all the time and then you get unwanted behaviour such as chewing or barking. 

Jamie actually barked in frustration the first time he went out with the harness.  I think he felt a bit restricted, but when he'd had a run and he'd walked home with the lead attached to his ordinary collar he was fine.  The next time we used the harness there was no problem as he knew he was only going to wear it for the first part of the walk.  All in all we're very pleased with the Halti harness. 

How About the Lead?
I bought a large size Halti training lead to go with the harness. This has got a clip at either end.  You attach one end to the front of the harness and the other end to the dog's collar.  The lead is very comfortable to hold as it's made of padded webbing.  It also has various rings attached to it which make it a multi-functional lead.  It was so good that as soon as Sasha came to live with us I bought one for her too. Here's some piccies that show how you can use the lead. From left to right the pictures show the long lead attached to a Halti, an easy tie up, doubled up as a short lead, hands free and walking two dogs on the same lead.





Does it work on a really strong dog?
We haven't tried the Halti harness on a strong puller but we have bought the Easy Walk for Sasha which is illustrated on the right, and this works really well.


The Halti Harness and the training lead are available separately


The Doggie Shop has a selection of haltis, harnesses and gentle leaders and you may also find the Halti Harness on ebay.  A couple of live auctions are shown below.


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Home > Training > Road testing the Halti harness