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A note from Jilly and Sasha

Pat loves getting emails but she can't help with things like finding puppies, organising shows or finding training classes and she can't help with behavioural problems. 

We've put some links and information here for you.

SEO Companies

Pat is currently taking a break from the website but will be back again in 2021.

She is receiving an increasing number emails offering services that other people think would improve Agility Bits.   SEO is actually something that Pat enjoys doing herself as and when she has time. Sometimes this falls behind, especially in the summer but this is a fun website and also a personal website.  Sorry, but she will turn down all offers of an SEO service.

Articles for Agility Bits

Pat is often sent articles for Agility Bits that are not really right for the site.  She always checks first to see if the content is copied and to see if the information is relevant.  She also checks to make sure that the article isn't stuffed with keywords as this is considered to be spam and will be rated as such by Google.  If you have an original article about dog agility or dogs then Pat would be pleased to consider it.  We're always delighted to hear other people's tips and training ideas.  

Training Classes in your area

There is a very good list of training classes available on Agility Net.  You may have to go on a waiting list if the classes are full or the organisers may be able to recommend another trainer.

Buying puppies

Pat doesn't breed puppies and she doesn't know any puppy breeders that she can recommend.  We only have a little house so we couldn't really have lots of tiny paws padding about.  The Kennel Club has lots of information on buying puppies and you should start here.  If you want a patterdale puppy there is a very good site at where they may be able to help.   Pat says she can't advise people of crossbreed puppies for sale but she still gets lots of emails asking where puppies can be bought.   If you're looking for crossbreed puppies then it's best to start with your local paper and widen your search from there.  Whatever you do, don't buy from a puppy farm and make sure that your puppy comes from a reputable breeder or a good private home.

Behavioural problems

Pat has had dogs all her life and she tells us she used to teach basic obedience training.  She can show a dog how to do things like sit and stay but what she can't do is to help with behavioural problems.  She says that some behavioural problems are quite serious and that you can't really help over the internet.  One thing you can do is to contact a local club and ask about training classes.  You should be able to find something in the Yellow Pages or you can have a look at the list of clubs on Agility Net.  Some of these clubs also teach obedience and they may be able to help you.  If you think your dog may need more specialised help then you can contact The Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC).   The APBC is an international network of experienced and qualified pet behaviour counsellors, who, on referral from veterinary surgeons, treat behaviour problems in dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, horses and other pets.  If your dog has aggression problems then please get in touch with a dog behaviourist through your vet.  Your vet will be able to check for physical problems and refer you if necessary.  We have seen some very strange advice given on the internet and we think it's best not to ask people who don't know you.  Being dogs ourselves we know that aggression needs an expert who can see you and your dog together and see what's happening.  Sometimes we feel really grumpy if we've got a pain and Mum says Jilly was a right little madam when she had her first season.  (Jilly says, "I wasn't, you should all have pandered to my every need.)

Organising Shows

Agility Bits doesn't organise it's own shows.  There are many independent organisations for this if you want to put on a show that's independent from the Kennel Club. There are some links on the agility links page

Sales and purchasing

Agility Bits has a comprehensive shopping section but Pat doesn't buy in stock herself or sell her own equipment.

Links to commercial sites

Pat can't put links to commercial sites.  She links to these sites through affiliate schemes run by Webgains, Affiliate Window and the ebay partner network.  This is to pay for the site and to enable her to give some small donations to various charities through out the year.   I hope she doesn't cut down on our Bonio supply or we'll go on strike.   If you would like to exchange links please go to the link exchange information page.


If you want to send an email about anything else please contact