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Make a Fake Wall

This is easy and quick to make and it doesn't cost a lot. All you need is a length of oilcloth, a couple of jumping poles, some strong sticky tape and a bit of spare plywood.

To make the wall I bought a brick patterned tablecloth from ebay with a width of 120cm. I wrapped the end of the tablecloth round one of the poles and stuck it in place using Gorilla tape. This is really good strong tape that will last for some time. Next I wrapped the other end of the tablecloth round the second pole and stuck it down in the same way. I did try sewing the cloth on a machine but I found it too slippery. I'm not the world's best seamstress though so you might have better luck. I did try using tissue paper and other techniques but I still couldn't do it. If the tablecloth is too wide for your poles you can easily cut it down. You just need a bit of pole sticking out of each end.

Next I made the towers. For this I found a bit of spare plywood and cut it down the middle. Each tower measured 30cm x 100cm. I found some spare Fencelife paint in dark brown and an odd bit of white paint. Don't go buying new tins of paint. You only want a bit so blag some from friends or ask on Freecycle. I painted both sides of the plywood with Fencelife and when It was dry I used the white to paint the brick pattern, and that's it.

I took the wall out to the training field. It's very windy in Cornwall where I live so I had to prop the towers up against the jump wings so that they were facing the wind and wouldn't blow over.
On a windy day the bottom pole of the fake wall will be too light to stay in place. The way to stop this is to peg the bottom pole down or fill it with something heavy enough to hold it in pace.

Here's Jilly trying out the finished wall I made for our club. It saved us about five hundred pounds. I like to use a displaceable pole at the top but you can just use the wall as it is if you think that's better.